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Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
24th February 2007
Stone Sour, Krieger

In spring Stone Sour will do the “Jägermeister Musictour” with special guests LACUNA COIL and SHADOWS FALL. But before this will happen, STONE SOUR tour through Europe with their recent album ‘Come What(ever) may’ again. Like last October they filled the Live Music Hall in Cologne (the venue was sold out!) and this time we got the chance to be part of it.


These four musicians are coming from Dresden in Germany and opened the show for STONE SOUR. They have been on tour already with IN EXREMO, IL NINO, LIFE OF AGONY, WEDNESDAY 13 and KNORKATOR. They haven’t released an album yet and as it seems they still haven’t got a record label. KRIEGER are Thomas Baumgaertel (vocals, guitar), Rajko Gohlke (bass), Andre Toth (guitar) and Johannes Baumgaertel (drums). /

KRIEGER play rock music with German lyrics. They started with a wonderful guitar intro, but couldn’t come up to my expectations. It wasn’t something new and unfortunately nothing that kicked ass. Somehow I think the songs could sound better, if the guys would sing in English. Maybe their sound was just too simple and someone near me said: “What the hell is he singing about? Such crappy lyrics!”

A simple banner with the word KRIEGER was placed in the background. After the guitar intro singer Thomas Baumgaertel said: “The boogie is back” and they started playing. Whatever he meant with the boogie?! The audience was hot to rock but KRIEGER weren’t the right opener for a band like STONE SOUR. After the third song Thomas asked: “Anybody out there?” But he got a negative reaction. Most people in the audience seemed to be bored and just wanted them to leave.

01. Intro
02. Wenn Du mich küsst
03. Mein Schloss
04. Zurück Nach Haus
05. Krieger
06. Das Meer Und Ich
07. Heimat
08. In Flammen
09. Outro

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Sound: 6
Light: 8
Total: 5.6

Stone Sour

“The intensity. The drama. The emotion. The colors. The darkness. The melodies. The anger. The honesty. The drive. The new. All of the above and more.” According to STONE SOUR front man Corey Taylor, those are the things that define STONE SOUR’s passionately pulsing second album, ‘Come What(ever) May’ (Roadrunner). STONE SOUR’s first album in four years finds the band firing on all cylinders, and primed to capture the attention and the hearts of the rock ‘n roll masses. STONE SOUR’s self-titled debut was twice - Grammy-nominated and RIAA Certified Gold. It was an eclectic album, propelled by the band’s busy tour schedule, the contemplative smash single ‘Bother’ and a series of groovy, melodic metal numbers. In 2002 and 2003, STONE SOUR established itself as a multi-faceted hard rock force of nature. While Taylor is one of the most recognized figures in rock music, thanks to his role as the front man for SLIPKNOT, a Grammy winning, multi-platinum act, STONE SOUR is anything but a side project. It’s a full-time band that all members are fiercely dedicated to.

Taylor spent much of 2004 and 2005 supporting his other band, but will spend 2006 and 2007 focusing on STONE SOUR and ‘Come What(ever) May’. Also comprised by guitarist James Root, who does double duty in SLIPKNOT, bassist Shawn Economaki, guitarist Josh Rand and new drummer Roy Mayorga, STONE SOUR is armed with an album that expands beyond the palette of its predecessor. The band was afforded more time to craft songs, and it shows. The album, produced by Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, VELVET REVOLVER), is tight, crisp, and full of rowdy rockers and melodic numbers. “With STONE SOUR, I loosen up and show more of myself,” Taylor reveals. STONE SOUR are Corey Taylor (vocals), James Root (guitar), Josh Rand (guitar), Shawn Economaki (bass) and Roy Mayorga (drums). /

Everything started with EUROPE’s ‘Final Countdown’, but before the voice of Joey Tempest started to sing, the guys of STONE SOUR entered the stage and began the set with ‘3030 150’. Such a power right from the start! Everyone was singing with Corey. We got a fantastic mix from both albums. James Root’s guitar solos took you somewhere else and there was no other way than to mosh or jump and if you had any frustration inside you – just let it out. Next to the STONE SOUR songs Corey started an acoustic set with CHRIS ISAAK’s ‘Wicked Game’ and when he needed to change his guitar after ‘Bother’, he started to play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ from LYNYRD SKYNYRD and continued with the wonderful ‘Through Glass’. STONE SOUR showed both of their faces - the rough and tough one and the one for heart and soul.

The first shock: Singer Corey Taylor cut his hair. But this didn’t matter for the show. Right from the start the audience and the band was one. Singer Corey was looking always for the contact to the fans. He was also speaking a little bit of German and said things like: “Guten Abend meine Freunde. Wie geht es euch? Es ist lange her, habt ihr uns vermisst?” (Good evening our friends. How are you? It has been a long time, did you miss us?) Corey promised they will play a different set than they had played the last time when they were in Cologne with FLYLEAF. Corey was overwhelmed by the audience reactions: “Every time when we are back in Germany, it is getting better and better. You are the best music fans!” The fans were celebrating their band even with crowd surfing.

Before we got ‘Silly World’ Corey said, that he is proud of his country, but he is sure, that America can learn a lot from Europe. Corey also made his jokes and you could see that the guys had the same fun as we all had in the audience. When the guys left the stage everyone wanted more and especially they were shouting for one man: “Corey! Corey! Corey!” Corey was so thankful when he said: “Remember without you we were nothing!” We were thankful for a fantastic and great concert!

01. 3030 150
02. Made Of  Scars
03. Reborn
04. Come What (ever) May
05. Your God
06. Silly World
07. Wicked Game
08. Bother
…  Sweet Home Alabama…
09. Through Glass
10. Blotter
11. Tumult

12. Hell And Consequences
13. Get Inside

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran (

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