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Artist: Marilyn Manson    
Album: Eat Me Drink Me
Genre: Shock Rock
Release date: 6th of May 2007
Record company: Interscope Records


Almost three years of patience but now it has arrived, the new Manson album. In about two months he will be performing in the Netherlands. So it is time to talk about the songs we will be expecting to hear then. An album about love, lost love, unattainable love, painful love, Marilyn Manson definitely has a different way to talk about love. But very passionate and poetic, that is for sure.


Marilyn Manson
Tim Skold


Song review

01. If I Was Your Vampire – 5.56
Starting off with some tension building sounds, giving you time to settle down, then Marilyns voice sets in. Telling us a story. The outburst of passion comes later, in the refrain. More quiet then I’m used to hear from him but the passion in the refrain makes it just as intense as always. In the end you are left with the same peace and quiet you started with.

02. Putting Holes In Happiness – 4.31
This song has a great guitar sound, quite a warm. The lyrics are very poetic and definitely worth reading (they all are by the way). Heartbreak described in a marcabre and poetic way, just the way I like it. The guitar sound is much sharper in the end, just as the love affair.

03. The Red Carpet Grave – 4.05
The red carpet grave, makes you wonder who the song is about. The sound is a bit jazzy even. Turning heavier as the song progresses. Another song to decipher.

04. They Said That Hell’s Not Hot – 4.16
Another love song. But one with so much passion and pain in the vocals it is great. He may sing that hell is not hot but the way he sings it is. It is a very intense song.

05. Just A Car Crash Away – 4.54
Almost a ballad. Long notes, stretched out guitar sounds. Did she crash, or just their love?

06. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) – 5.05
One of the more up-beat songs of the album. Not lyrically though, but that can be taken for granted on this album. The beats are somewhat distorted, just giving them a raw edge.

07. Evidence – 5.19
Evidence has some outbursts of song. The rest of the song is almost spoken, but then in a musical way. It is a slow song, but the refrains make up for that in power.

08. Are You The Rabbit? – 4.14
This song starts slow build up to the full force of the song. There is a slow rock ‘n roll beat audible. It doesn’t stand out. But some songs have to grow on you.

09. Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery – 3.52
Again the rock ‘n roll beat, this time faster though. Nice and rude I’d say. This is the sound that I am used to hearing of Marilyn Manson.

10. You And Me And The Devil Makes 3 - 4.24

Cosy threesome, great lyrics. But those are worth reading with all of the songs. Some parts of the lyrics are whispered, some are deformed vocals.

11. EAT ME, DRINK ME – 5.41
The title track. It starts with a great tension building intro. Which is not released but only accompanied by the voice of Marilyn and then drums. Only later in the song there is release. The refrain doesn’t stand out. It almost goes by unnoticed, the words are whispered. This is one court where nobody would like to live, and nobody would live long.

Bonus Track:
12. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) inhuman remix by Jade E. Puget  - 4.07

Marilyn Manson goes house? This remix made me laugh. Especially the start of it is a bit eighties. It sounds like something that should be played at a carnival.

Cover Picture

Technical Information

Total playing time – 56:30
Tracks – 12


For Marilyn Manson I find this to be a very quiet album. But there is a lot of passion and the lyrics are magnificent as always. The bonus track is something that could have been left out. If all of the songs are about his own life, his heart is broken in to a thousand pieces. So, maybe not his usual but definitely worth listening to.


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Overall: 8


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