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joachim-witt-bochum-17052014-20Matrix, Bochum, Germany
17th May 2014
Joachim Witt & Leichtmatrose

The final concert of JOACHIM WITT’s -forerunner of the Neue Deutsche Welle and Neue Deutsche Härte - thirteen cities grasping “Neumond“ tour was taking place at the Matrix Bochum. As special guest, his foster-son Andreas Stitz, aka LEICHTMATROSE, was accompanying him.


LEICHTMATROSE with mastermind Andreas Stitz on vocals and his companions Hilton Theissen on guitar and Thomas Fest on keys started their program quite early at 19:00. Even though the presented electro pop with subtle lyrics was not anyone’s cup of tea, the Münster based trio has already quite a big fan base. Songs like the anti-anorexia hymn ‘Sexi ist tot’, the STEPHAN SULKE / GRÖNEMEYER cover ‘Ich Hab Dich Bloß Geliebt’ or the current single ‘Jonny Fand Bei Den Sternen Sein Glück (Anders Sein)’ earn the band more sympathies during the thirty minutes show. Sadly, there was no duet with JOACHIM WITT during ‘Hier drüben im Graben’. You could have expected this for the last date of the tour. But there was a loudly required encore with the song ‘Herztransplantation’ before the stage was cleared for the doyen of the Neue Deutsche Welle.


01. Der Einsame Astronaut
02. Dalai Lama
03. Sexi Ist Tot
04. Ich Hab Dich Bloß Geliebt
05. Reingelegt
06. Jonny Fand Bei Den Sternen Sein Glück (Anders Sein)
07. Hier Drüben Im Graben
08. Herztransplantation

Music: 6
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 7.3 / 10


Joachim Witt

After a short rebuilding break, it was already time for the evening’s headliner. From the speakers, Witt’s voice sounds with ‘Neumond’ as intro. Short afterwards, JOACHIM WITT enters the stage under enthusiastic applause. With ‘Aufstehen’, another song from the current album was presented. Musically, he is supported by guitarist Sascha, by Carsten Klick on drums and by keyboarder Daniel Hassbecker. Also the now following songs were taken from his new album ‘Neumond’, out in April 2014, and were very well received by the audience. Many of the gathered fans already knew the new songs by heart and so, the mood is fantastic from the very beginning. Another support for the great atmosphere in the hall were the many little conversations with the audience or the anecdotes Witt tells between the single songs. With ‘Dein Lied’, the first big part of the concert evening ends and Witt leaves the stage for a short while to mark a cut in the program. Now, a journey back into Witt’s history starts with the moving ‘Gloria‘ from the 2012 album ‘Dom’.


Even though already the new songs were celebrated it’s the old, well-known classics like ‘Das geht tief’ or the SILLY cover ‘Batallion D'amour‘ that raise the mood even more. With ‘Die Flut’, being created in 1998 together with Peter Heppner and marked the big comeback for Witt, the main set finally ended. But of course this was not the end of the concert. After the obligatory shouts for encores, the four musicians return to stage with ‘Supergestört Und Superversaut’, being followed by the next smasher, ‘Eisenherz’. Then, Witt grabs a guitar to intonate the absolute mega hit from the Neue Deutsche Welle times. ‘Der Goldene Reiter’ is immediately sung by numerous voices and when the band joins in, there is no holding back at the Matrix. Seven minutes later, also this magic moment has passed but the grey master has a heart for his fans and presents a final song, ‘Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater)’, and finally sais goodbye for this evening.


01. Neumond (Intro)
02. Aufstehen
03. Die Erde Brennt
04. Mein Herz
05. Es Regnet In Mir
06. Bis Ans Ende Der Zeit
07. Ohne Dich
08. Spät
09. Dein Lied
10. Gloria
11. Königreich
12. Das Geht Tief
13. Batallion D'amour
14. Die Flut
15. Supergestört Und Superversaut (OOMPH! Remix)
16. Eisenherz
17. Goldener Reiter
18. Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater)

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 8.8 / 10


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