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leichtmatrose jonnyfandbeidensternen
Artist: Leichtmatrose
Title: Jonny fand bei den Sternen sein Glück
Genre: Elektro-Chanson
Release Date: 25th April 2014
Label: I Am Surprised Records / believe digital

EP Review

German, Electro-Chanson, Joachim Witt. Those are three things which you should note about the project LEICHTMATROSE in the first raw. The mastermind Andreas Stitz is a German musician who for a long time worked with different bands. But just in 2005 he found an opportunity to let the masses hear his own music, which is pretty German. And saying this I don’t mean just the language. Once he said: “I think and dream in German… and so I feel in German as well.” As for the style, Andreas calls himself nothing else but inventor of the German Electro-Chanson. And now it must be clear why his project caught attention of Joachim Witt himself. Witt helped Andreas to release the debut album, featured on the new EP and took him to the tour as a special guest.

In spite of such a great support, LEICHTMATROSE took a five years pause after the release of his first album. ‘Jonny fand bei den Sternen sein Glück’ is sad but edificatory ballad of Alco odyssey of group of young man, who took the path which had no way back. Aside the fact that it can be dangerous to mix alcohol and drugs driving a car stuffed by girls, this song discovers actually the fragile world of the one’s dreams. Stitz is really good in lyrics. Sangfroid as a surgeon he opens the wounds of an individual as well as of the whole society.

Another piece on this EP ‘Hier drüben im Graben’ by coincidence or not was compared to Witt’s ‘Gloria’. And let’s be fair, for a reason. By the meaning, which is a requiem for broken young soldiers’ lives, and by music – this song is quite intensive and catchy. Somebody should actually edit the recipe of the Leichtmatrose cocktail at Wikipedia. I’m sure, that invented in 1986 mixture of ice, citron juice, syrup, white and brown rum is surely tasty. But today we have much more powerful one. The combination of Heppner-like vocals by Stitz and Witt’s, emotional strings and piano and dramatic evolution of the song – these are all needed components to create a hit.


01. Jonny fand bei den Sternen sein Glück
02. Hier drüben im Graben (feat. Joachim Witt)
03. Reingelegt
04. Jonny fand bei den Sternen sein Glück (Ludie Mix)


Andreas Stitz - Vocals
Thomas Fest - Keys
Thomas Berlin, Hilton Theissen - Production

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leichtmatrose jonnyfandbeidensternen


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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