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leichtmatrose duichunddieanderen
Artist: Leichtmatrose
Title: Du, ich und die anderen
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 7th August 2015
Label: IAS

Album Review

He has been goon a while, like, six years or so I think. The guy who calls himself LEICHTMATROSE seemingly came out of nowhere back in 2009 with his debut 'Gestrandet' and a collection of strangely fascinating pop songs. Being out there for six years, Andreas Stitz has had plenty of time to collect another variety of stories that make up the foundations of his new album 'Du, ich und all die anderen' (You, Me and all the others) about the good and bad things in life and starts right away with a situation I think many people can relate to: Getting back into a relationship with your ex-partner just because in your mind this little notion about second chances pops up, wiping out every bad experience with that particular person. It's just halfway through the ordeal that you realize it's all happening again and there have to be consequences. For a pop song 'Dalai Lama' offers quite complex structures and breaks topped with memorable memories.

'Jonny fand bei den Sternen sein Glück' takes a look backwards on a life that's been lived to the extreme, disregarding consequences and seeing life just as a great party, a life that hit a dead end in a clinic. What's leaving the big impression is that it's all wrapped in kind of uplifting, even anthemic melodies and an ever propelling beat. It makes you realize that there is a fine line between almost everything. What happens once you've been pushed towards the edge and get a good look at the abyss is being laid out lyrically on 'Hier drüben im Graben'. It is the ghost of war. The thing that makes string men tremble like little children when they've seen more than a man should ever be forced to see. Those pictures never leave and it takes a lifetime to cope. It is only appropriate to give this song a poignant touch, incorporating piano and strings and the guest appearance of Joachim Witt literally finishes you off.

The finale sonically comes off as a modern sounding film noir soundtrack that serves as backdrop for the final reckoning. A clear statement ´revealing that something that should be a beautiful expression, can cause feelings of loathing, contempt or hate if it is not spoken in honesty or if experience has taught you better. Brief and straight to the point, it's condensing everything that has come before to a sharp image and serves as the bitter end to an album that sure is the sort of pop music, electro chanson or whatever tag you want to put on it, that isn't easy to be judged by what's on the surface. I mean, there's an actual depth before you hit the ground. That should be more than enough reason to give it the thorough listen it deserves.


01. Dalai Lama
02. Ich hab dich bloß geliebt
03. Sternenstaub
04. Jonny fand bei den Sternen sein Glück
05. Hier drüben im Graben (feat. Joachim Witt)
06. Damals im Leben (was für ein Jahr)
07. Adieu Marie
08. Liebe und all dieser Scheiss der mal war
09. Besser nicht
10. Reingelegt
11. Atlantis (feat. Dorian E)
12. Wenn Du sagst, dass du mich liebst


Andreas Stitz – Vocals
Thomas Fest – Keys
Hilton Theissen – Guitar, Production
Thomas Berlin – Production

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leichtmatrose duichunddieanderen


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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