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Matt DeVries (guitars) of Chimaira

CHIMAIRA formed in 1998 based out of Cleveland, Ohio. These metalcore thrash addicts have taken the metal genre to a whole new level after unleashing ‘The Infection’, expanding a series of new material to express itself to not only the old school fans but the new comers as well. Matt spoke to me briefly on the band's tour bus right outside their last stop in California before heading out East to finish up the remainder of what is left of “The Decimation of the Nation Tour”.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): So you must get a lot of freedom to do what you want to do with your music?
Matt: What’s cool about this record is having us as a whole grow up and being able to combine our certain favourites together to create a style all our own.

RoD: What are you currently listening to?
Matt: We kind of go back on what we grow up with I’ve been listening to Pantera lately.

RoD: If every member of CHIMAIRA was locked in a room together what could you all agree on to listen to?
Matt: What’s cool a lot of us have the same backgrounds like Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, any of the old school heavy metal acts we can all relate too.

RoD: Are you looking forward to any specific venues or cities on this tour?
Matt: There’s some I’m trying to think all the California dates I love coming out here in the West Coast but I also like going out to Austin.

RoD: Any tour anxieties?
Matt: Not really anymore everything is pretty much going well.

RoD: Is everyone in CHIMAIRA still sort of located in Ohio? Or have some members branched out and moved away?
Matt: Everyone is in Cleveland, Chris moved down in Florida stayed out there for 2 years then moved back. So having everyone around makes the music process a lot easier.

RoD: Does that make it difficult when the time comes to practice or write? Is the writing done separately and then sort of pieced together, or is it more of as group effort?
Matt: We write on our own at first then come together. Then we get together and piece it altogether.

RoD: How do you feel like ‘The Infection’ is different than the other albums that CHIMAIRA has released?
Matt: Yeah it’s definitely different than anything else we’ve released.

RoD: How does it make you guys feel to hear so many other bands trying to sort of mimic your sound? Is it flattering or…?
Matt: I think it’s flattering for sure it’s not like someone is trying to rip us off but I think its cool overall.

RoD: Of all of CHIMAIRA’s albums, what is your personal favourite? Or is that like asking you to try and choose a favourite child?
Matt: I’d have to say this one because it’s fresh and new.

RoD: Any last words of wisdom?
Matt: Thanks for all the support.


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