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Title: A Shot and a Bassline
Artist: Glis
Genre: Electro
Release Date: 2nd May 2008
Label: Alfa Matrix

Album Review

Three years have passed since the last official album of GLIS aka Shaun Frandsesn has been released on Alfa Matrix. In the meantime Shaun focussed on his is self-titled solo projects, worked on demos for another electro project or was on tour with VNV NATION as keyboarder for example. Now there’s a new release with the name GLIS on it, but it’s no new regular album. It is a collection of songs from various periods of the project, which all have been reconstructed and re-worked by Krischan Jan-Wesenberg (ROTERSAND).

Now let’s have a look at the result, which is, to sum the whole thing up, very club orientated yet with a more layered approach to the arrangements. You can hear that very well with the unborn edit of ‘Disappear!’ drowning you in a multilayered sea of samples and distorted sounds melted with a floating melody. The harsh, pumping beat is pushing you back into the reality again. Another one, which is really exceptional on the track list, is the Dirt Dub of ‘Hate You’ starting with an unusual beat and drum pattern combination with many effects applied on them. Krischan also build in some breaks and unexpected twists, making it an interesting piece of music to listen to.

Despite such tracks most songs on the album have been arranged quite straight and with very airy synth sounds and melodies like ‘My Machine’ which sounds pretty uplifting. Those songs also have their charm. I especially love ‘Sunrise’ doing his name justice and giving you the feeling to really witness a sunrise with this special kind of synth accentuation. For those, who already knew the original tracks, might be surprised how much the new arranged differ from them. People, who didn’t hear anything of GLIS before but are interested in nice reworks, should also risk an ear. It will surely help to bridge the time until the new GLIS album Shaun is working on at the moment will be released.


01. Nightvision (Re: floored) - 4:28
02. My Machine (Re: worked) - 4:54
03. High Dreamer (Re: smoothed) - 5:36
04. My Cruelty (Re: clashed) - 4:30
05. Sunrise (Re: clubbed) - 5:50
06. Resolution (Anthem Edit) - 5:33
07. Letting go (Classic Edit) -5:45
08. Hate You (Dirt Dub) - 4:04
09. No Pulse (Comatose Edit) - 4:51
10. Dissapear! (Unborn Edit) - 4:01
11. October Skies (Re: enforced) - 4:59
12. Love I so Despise (Re: kissed) - 4:47
13. Dead Set 7AM (Re: Stomped) - 4:28
14. Insonac (Rock Edit) - 3:49
15. Crushed (Epic Edit) - 5:30


Shaun Frandsen - Music, Programming, Vocals


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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7


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