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gsgf osnabrueck 115 Lagerhalle, Osnabrück, Germany
5th December 2008

On a dark and rainy evening, on 5th December 2008, I went to Osnabrück to enjoy GROSSSTADTGEFLÜSTER at their current tour. The band comes from Berlin and was formed in 2003 by Jen Bender and Raphael Schalz. Their debut album ‘Muss laut sein’ (Must be loud) was released in 2006 and included the independence hit ‘Ich muss gar nix’ which made the band well-known in the German independence scene. The current album called ‘Bis einer heult’ and was released at 30th May 2008. GROSSSTADTGEFLÜSTER are Jen Bender (vocals), Raphael Schalz (keys) and Chriz Falk (drums). /

As we arrived in the location at 8 o'clock the doorway was well-filled but all the people didn't wait for GROSSSTADTGEFLÜSTER; in the anterior room of the location, a soccer match between the booth leading teams of the German professional soccer league was transmitted, and the room was filled with soccer fans. In the other room, where the concert took place, unfortunately only two people were waiting and we were a little bit confused, at the myspace page of the band 8'clock was announced as show time, at some bills 8.30 was announced, but at the tickets 9 o'clock was announced and so the band did wait until then.

Music & Performance

Anyway as the show began at 9 o'clock only about 30 people were in the house, a special familiar atmosphere but it was a real shame because the show was really great. The band entered the stage all clothed in white and the show was started with ‘Ein guter Tag zum Weinen’, followed by ‘Komm schon’. GROSSSTADTGEFLÜSTER had rocked the crowd completely with their straight and powerful performance. The crowd was small, but the few present people were in a great mood; they were dancing and singing along the whole time, infected by the rousing performance of the three great musicians on stage.

The set ran about 80 minutes and consisted of 20 songs. The main set finished with ‘Wir rocken trocken’, but quickly the band came back to the stage and performed an encore with two more songs. After it, they left the stage again, but the crowd requested another encore and because the songs were out, the crowd could choose a song which was played again. After the second time of ‘Ich muss gar nix’, GROSSSTADTGEFLÜSTER finally left the stage. Altogether it was a great concert in spite of the small audience.

01 Ein guter Tag zum Weinen
02 Komm schon
03 Fehler
04 Bassboxxx
05 Overdressed & Underfucked
06 Lebenslauf
07 Die Strassen
08 Trommelfellkiller
09 Komm zu Mama
10 Liebe schmeckt gut
11 Los Dicker tanz
12 Kümmer Dich
13 Ich muss gar nix
14 Ichbinhui Dubistbuh, Dubistschubi, Ich bin Du
15 Dein Flow
16 Haufenweise Scheisse
17 Wir rocken trocken
18 Die Stille
19 Für Dich
20 Ich muss gar nix

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10

All pictures by Carsten Leopold


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