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Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany
25th November 2008
Farin Urlaub

Jan Vetter, better known as FARIN URLAUB (like German "Fahr in Urlaub!" ("Go on vacation!"); he chose this artist name according to his love for travelling) was born on October 27 1963 in former West Berlin, Germany. He is best known as the guitarist / vocalist for the German punk band DIE ÄRZTE. In 2001, URLAUB started his solo career with the album ‘Endlich Urlaub!’ ("Vacation at Last!", which can also be read as pun on his pseudonym, "Urlaub" meaning "vacation", as in, "Urlaub at Last!"). ‘Am Ende der Sonne’ (‘At the End of the Sun’) was released in 2005 and his current album, ‘Die Wahrheit übers Lügen’ (‘The truth about lying’), was released on October 31st 2008.

On tour, FARIN URLAUB is supported by the band FARIN URLAUB RACING TEAM consisting of Cindia Knoke (bass), Nesrin Sirinoglu (guitar), Rachel Rep (drums), Simone Richter, Annette Steinkamp, Celina Bostic, Vanessa Mason (all vocals & percussions), Hans-Jörg Fischer (saxophone), Peter Quintern (saxophone), Hardy Appich (trumpet), Rob Solomon (trombone).

Music & Performance
First, the stage was hidden behind a black curtain which was removed during the first song and already the check of the instruments before the show started was responded with resounding applause. The hall was very well filled though not totally sold-out. The temper was great and just in time the show began at 8 o'clock with ‘Nichtimgriff’, the current single from the current album. Farin dominated the show in the centre of the stage, ahead of the drum set and flanked by the female bass and guitar player. In the background, left and right beside the drums, the four female background singers and the four wind players were arranged. Latter ones left the stage occasionally during several songs. FARIN URLAUB and his band performed a brilliant and diversified show and right from the start the crowd was jumping, moshing, dancing and singing along. They built some walls of death several times and a lot of people used the crowd for crowd surfing during the show. As usual in-between the songs, Farin did some jokes and animated the crowd to do some nonsense.

The setlist consisted of several songs from the current album, mixed with older songs like ‘Unsichtbar’ or ‘Zehn’ when people jumped like crazy, also on the tribunes. The show was formidable and convincing, the lightshow was very pleasing. During the song ‘Die Leiche’, the stage was illumined in red fog and the venue was illuminated by lighters lifted up by the crowd. After about 90 minutes, Farin announced the last song and after this, the band left the stage. But of course the crowd wanted more and Farin and the band had to come back three more times. At the first encore, they performed the song ‘Phänomenal egal’ as a duet of Farin and Simone. After it they left the stage again and like as at the start of the show the stage was hidden behind a black curtain. The second encore began with ‘Insel’ and as the curtain was removed, Farin, the background singers and the wind players played big drums at the foreground of stage. After two more songs they left the stage again and came back for the third encore which included ‘Wo ist das Problem’, ‘Abschiedslied’ (good bye song), a further version of ‘Zehn’ and an a-capella performed part of ‘Dusche’ before they finally left the stage.

1. Nichtimgriff
2. Unsichtbar
3. Ich gehöre nicht dazu
4. Am Strand
5. Glücklich
6. 1000 Jahre schlechter Sex
7. I.F.D.G.
8. Der ziemlich okaye Popsong
9. Petze
10. Krieg
11. Gobi Tobic
12. Augenblick
13. Lieber Staat
14. Porzellan
15. Niemals
16. OK
17. Die Leiche
18. Atem
19. Sonne
20. Alles dasselbe
21. Zehn
22. Unscharf
23. Karten
24. Phänomenal egal
25. Insel
26. Trotzdem
27. Unter Wasser
28. Wo ist das Problem
29. Abschiedslied
30. Zehn (Revised)
31. Dusche (a-capella and only a part)

Music: 8
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10


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