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Seidensticker Halle, Bielefeld, Germany
30th June 2008
Die Ärzte, Blowfly

After a concert in Münster in May once again we could enjoy the "best band of the world", as DIE ÄRZTE call themselves, at their current tour "Jazzfäst". At 30th June we visited their show in Bielefeld at the "Seidenstickerhalle". When we arrived, the venue was well filled and the temperature inside was already high, but before we could enjoy DIE ÄRZTE, we had to go through the support band BLOWFLY.


BLOWFLY is the stage name and alternate persona of Clarence Reid who was a songwriter for many hit R&B acts in the 1960s and 1970s. As BLOWFLY, he has recorded numerous albums, mostly of sex-based parodies of other songs as well as original raps themed around sex. Reid started off writing songs for artists including Betty Wright, Sam & Dave, Gwen McRae and KC & the Sunshine Band. He also recorded a few hits of his own in the 60's including ‘Nobody but You Babe’ under his real name and a BLOWFLY song called ‘Rap Dirty’ in 1965. After 17 years of sporadic touring and occasional re-recording of his classic raps, BLOWFLY signed with Jello Biafra's independent Alternative Tentacles label in 2005. BLOWFLY's latest album and second Alternative Tentacles release is ‘Blowfly's Punk Rock Party’. The album features several punk classics given the BLOWFLY treatment, including a rewrite of the DEAD KENNEDYS song ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ recast as ‘R. Kelly in Cambodia’, that features Biafra (the song's composer and original vocalist) playing a trial judge. /

Music & Performance
10 minutes earlier than announced the light was dimmed and Rod himself announced BLOWFLY. The music of BLOWFLY was a kind of funk, performed by Clarence Reid, supported by a band consisting of Mr. Lock (keyboard), Taylor Byrd (guitar), Greg Byers (bass) and Uncle Tom (drums). Additionally, he was supported by a female dancer who was swinging her arse and tits at the whole show. The set ran about 35 minutes and included some cover versions of well-known songs from the 60ies.

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 6

Die Ärzte

During the change over, the stage was hidden behind a black curtain. Yet the illuminators were welcomed with cheers as they were climbing the stage and at 9 o'clock the time was ripe for the headliner.

DIE ÄRZTE are a band from Berlin/ Germany who's music style lays somewhere between punk-rock and pop. They see themselves as a parody onto the pop world and call themselves "The best band of the world", since more than 20 years millions of fans are crazy about that band. After a best-of release in 2006, the latest studio album 'Jazz ist anders' was released in 2007 followed by several single releases, and an extensive tour which is still going on. DIE ÄRZTE are Farin Urlaub (guitar, vocals), Bela B. (drums, vocals) and Rod Gonzales (bass, vocals).  / /

Music & Performance
As usual at the current tour, the band entered the stage and began to play the intro still hidden behind the curtain before this one dropped and the stage was revealed during the first song. The set was started with ‘Himmelblau’ followed by ‘Lied vom Scheitern’ and ‘Hurra’ before the band welcomed the audience and did the first jokes about the advertising banners in the venue. The first surprise followed after ‘Geh mit mir’ as Farin detected a sign "I have birthday today and you are my gift" in the first rows; Farin asked the girl for her name and the band played a birthday song for her. After it the show went on and the second surprise followed during ‘Radio brennt’. Usually, during this song they integrate a part of another song, at the current tour normally it was ‘Jag Älskar Sverige’ and Bela played two bongos which were brought to the stage only during the song, but this time they integrated the complete song ‘Zitroneneis’ instead and the bongos were unused.

The song ‘Studentenmädchen’ was played twice, first as a special version like a ballad and than the normal rocking version. After about 100 minutes, Farin announced the last song, but before they played it, they first improvised some nursery rhymes and folk songs and after about two hours, the main set was finished with ‘Rebel’. Of course the crowd didn't want to go home and requested some encores. DIE ÄRZTE came back three times and played one more hour until they played ‘Zu spät’ which was accompanied a special Mexican wave - the "to late wave" - and the really last song ‘Vorbei ist vorbei’ was played from tape and Farin, Bela and Rod left the stage finally.

01. Himmelblau
02. Lied vom Scheitern
03. Hurra
04. Begrüßung
05. Angeber
06. Heulerei
07. Geh mit mir
08. Zum Geburtstag viel Glück
09. Rettet die Wale
10. Ein Mann
11. Vokuhila Superstar
12. Deine Schuld
13. Anti-Zombie
14. Geisterhaus
15. 1/2 Lovesong
16. Radio brennt (incl. Zitroneneis)
17. Lasse redn
18. Der Graf
19. Nichts in der Welt
20. Alleine in der Nacht
21. Deine Freundin (wäre mir zu anstrengend)
22. Studentenmädchen (special version)
23. Studentenmädchen (normal version)
24. Westerland
25. Ignorama
26. Wie es geht
27. Das letzte Lied
28. Rebell
29. Das ist Rock'n'Roll
30. Perfekt
31. Junge
32. Schunder-Song
33. Ist das alles?
34. Unrockbar
35. Dinge von denen
36. Wir sind die Besten
37. Schrei nach Liebe
38. Zu spät
39. Vorbei ist vorbei

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9.7


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