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Title: HimmelblauPerfektBreit
Artist: Die Ärzte
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4th December 2009
Label: Hot Action Records

Single Review

The self-proclaimed best band of the world DIE ÄRZTE have a new single on the market. It's called ‘HimmelblauPerfektBreit’ and all 3 track titles thrown into a random generator and glued to each other make the title. ‘Perfekt’ starts the single and amongst others asks “Why can’t everything be perfect, just like in a love song?” while playful guitar chords, ranging from rocking hard to more delicate are being played over organ lines and discreet drums. ‘Breit’ follows afterwards and within its first seconds already infects your legs with its vibe and later also your mind with its ironic lyrics. The tragic thing about this is that such people like they’re described in the lyrics really exist.

The last track ‘Himmelblau’ kicks off with calming, melodic chords before the drums appear and everything gets more rhythmic. The band makes stronger use of an acoustic guitar in the further course of the song as well. All in all, that single is a little treasure showing that DIE ÄRZTE didn’t loose their bite even after all those years in the business.


01. Perfekt - 2:35
02. Breit - 3:14
03. Himmelblau - 3:16


Farin Urlaub
Bela B
Rod Gonzalez


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Music:  7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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