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Title: Silent Scream
Artist: Elysion
Genre: Dark, Gothic Metal
Release Date: 18th December 2009
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

Greek band ELYSION became an interesting phenomenon on the gothic metal scene with its debut album ‘Silent Scream’ or at least it may seem so. The formation founded in 2006 recorded a rather good demo, which was highly appreciated by magazines and webzines and elected as “Demo of the Month” in Metal Hammer Magazine. Thanks to the numerous concerts and interviews the members of ELYSION won a reputation as promising musicians and with the appearance of new front woman Christianna the band entered the studio to work on ‘Silent Scream’.

Returning to the release the first thing that immediately attracted my attention was the cover of the album, a dainty artwork that made you guess what material could hide behind it. And after listening to the first song I was disappointed a bit because it was obvious to expect something more striking from the musicians. Of course all the tracks are well-done and the sound itself is just great but the work still suffers from monotony. It’s not necessarily a shortcoming and if one listens to the CD simply to enjoy the music without trying to analyze its structure they won’t even notice anything. The combination of solid guitars, impressive keyboards supplemented with beautiful vocals producers a good impression. Actually the songs are not too atmospheric but Christianna’s voice has enough power to convey all the emotions initially presented in the compositions and it’s especially evident in ‘Far from the Edge’, the only ballad on the album and in ‘Erase Me’, the last track and the longest one.

In general, ‘Silent Scream’ surprises with its simplicity, there’s nothing superfluous there. Anyway the album is just great as a debut work and can be of interest for fans of the genre. All 11 songs are qualitative and unobtrusive so they are effaced from memory very quickly when the sound fades but maybe it’s just a reason to listen to the CD one more time.


01. Dreamer – 4:13
02. Killing My Dreams – 3:51
03. Never Forever – 3:21
04. Weakness in Your Eyes – 4:01
05. Don’t Say a Word – 3:57
06. The Rules – 4:15
07. Bleeding – 3:51
08. Walk Away – 3:59
09. Loss – 3:06
10. Far from the Edge – 3:36
11. Erase Me – 5:41


Christianna – Vocals
Johny Zero – Guitars, Synths and Programming
FXF – Bass
Petros Fatis – Drums


Cover Picture


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10


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