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Title: Overkiller (DVD)
Artist: Die Ärzte
Genre: Punk Rock
Release Date: 4th December 2009
Label: Hot Action Records


Around the same time their new single ‘HimmelblauPerfektBreit’ came to the stores, a new DVD was released as well, entitled ‘Overkiller’ which must be seen as the legitimate successor to the ‘Killer’ DVD from 9 years back.


Farin Urlaub
Bela B
Rod Gonzalez


Detailed Review

Of course you can’t expect a DVD like any other out there if DIE ÄRZTE is written all over it. Thus, the introduction to this collection of video clips already is quite special with the band appearing as the old farts we already witnessed on the cover of the single. But unlike those on the DVD, the farts on the single wouldn’t talk and yell at you if you choose the wrong picture in the menu to get the show started. Once you managed that, you’ll be rewarded with an encompassing collection, starting with the well-known ‘Wie es Geht’ followed by the slightly disturbing clip to ‘Manchmal haben Frauen’. Some of these video clips like ‘Die Banane’ or ‘Schlaflied’ for instance are edits from ‘Rock’n’Roll Realschule’, a very unique unplugged show the band did back in 2002 in a school in Germany.

At the end of the show then, we can celebrate a reunion with the old farts from before within the clips to ‘Perfekt’, ‘Himmelblau’ and ‘Breit’, each of which highlighting another of the mature guys who are all residing in the same retirement home many years in the future. The extra section includes a little making-of and as crowning finale a kind of retrospection into the past with your favourite hosts Bela B. and Farin Urlaub, and who knows, maybe there’s more...

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01. Wie es geht
02. Manchmal haben Frauen ...
03. Yoko Ono
04. Rock'n'Roll-Übermensch
05. Komm zurück
06. Die Banane
07. Schlaflied
08. Monsterparty
09. Unrockbar
10. Dinge von denen
11. Nichts in der Welt
12. Deine Schuld
13. Die klügsten Männer der Welt
14. Junge
15. Lied vom Scheitern
16. Lasse redn
17. PerfektHimmelblauBreit


Audio: 8
Video: 8
Content: 8
Extras: 7
Total: 7.8 / 10


The DVD is best suited for completing the collection of any DIE ÄRZTE fanatic with video clips that are still missing or should be replaced with ones of a better video quality. Speaking of which, it is varying, but always remains on a constant high level! Audio is perfectly clear and leaves nothing to complain about in that department. You could say it’s a round package.


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