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Phillipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany
11th November 2006
Farin Urlaub (Racing Team)

Jan Vetter, better known as FARIN URLAUB (like German "Fahr in Urlaub!" ("Go on vacation!"); he chose this artist name according to his love for traveling) was born on October 27 1963 in former West Berlin, Germany. He is best known as the guitarist/vocalist for the German punk band DIE ÄRZTE. In 2001, URLAUB started his solo career with the album "Endlich Urlaub!" ("Vacation at Last!", which can also be read as pun on his pseudonym, "Urlaub" meaning "vacation", as in, "Urlaub at Last!"). "Am Ende der Sonne" ("At the End of the Sun") was released in 2005 and his latest album, “Live album of Death”, was released on February 3rd 2006.  

On tour, FARIN URLAUB is supported by the band FARIN URLAUB RACING TEAM who consists of CINDIA KNOKE (Bass), NESRIN SIRINOGLU (guitar), RACHEL REP (drums), SIMONE RICHTER, ANNETTE STEINKAMP, CELINA BOSTIC, VANESSA MASON (all vocal & percussion), HANS-JÖRG FISCHER (Saxophone), PETER QUINTERN (Saxophone), HARDY APPICH (trumpet), ROB SOLOMON (trombone).

On my arrival at the "Phillipshalle" in Düsseldorf, the parking place is already filled and a lot of people were waiting outside the door to come in. First, the stage was hidden behind a big curtain and during the intro the curtain fell down. Already before the show had started, some Mexican-waves went through the crowd and "Farin Urlaub" -speaking choirs could be heard too. Nearly in time, 7 past 8, the show begun.

For about two hours, FARIN URLAUB and his RACING TEAM were rocking the crowd and presented a diversified show. Powerful arrangements sublimated the genial songs of the congenial singer. The set started after the intro with MEHR and included nearly all available songs from the both solo album releases ENDLICH URLAUB and AM ENDE DER SONNE. Also they played the unreleased song FRAUENFLÜSTERER. Between the songs, FARIN did some jokes and funny animations to the audience and read out some posters from the fans in the crowd. The audience could sing alone sometimes conducted by FARIN URLAUB and everybody had a lot of fun. The main set finished after about 1.5 hours, but the audience requested and got two encores and after about two hours the show finally was finished.

FARIN was the leading character on stage, but also the RACING TEAM performed a great show and had a lot of fun playing. On the left side of stage the four pretty female backing singers dominated the background, on the other side the brass section had their place. In the center of the background RACHEL and her drum set were placed. In the foreground of course FARIN URLAUB dominated, flanked by the both female guitar players. Often FARIN URLAUB requested some interactions by the audience and they followed him mostly, the whole crowd was dancing, jumping, singing along and a part of the crowd – some surfing fans - played a funny game: they did let pick up themselves by the security in front of the stage, went out sideways and went back to the first rows to surf again. Altogether an exciting show and I think nobody missed something.

01 Intro
02 Mehr
03 Glücklich
04 Ich gehöre nicht dazu
05 Unsichtbar
06 Petze
07 Wunderbar
08 Am Strand
09 Augenblick
10 1000 Jahre schlechten Sex
11 Dermitder
12 Der ziemlich okaye Popsong
13 Xenokratie
14 Phänomenal Egal
15 Sonne
16 Apocalypse wann anders
17 Lieber Staat
18 Sumisu
19 Alle Dasselbe
20 Frauenflüsterer
21 Zehn (1)
22 Porzellan
23 O.K.
24 Unter Wasser
25 Immer noch
26 Dusche
27 Noch Einmal
28 Alle Fragen Dieser Welt
29 Wo ist das Problem?
30 Abschiedslied
31 Zehn (2)

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 10
Light: 9
Total: 8.9

Unfortunately we could not have our own photographer at the venue. So we had to use press pictures and me as the reporter took a few ones from the crowd.
Pictures 1 to 4 from the press pool on the artist webpage, pictures 5 to 8 by Carsten Leopold


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