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Knust, Hamburg, Germany
24th October 2010

INDICA is a Finnish Pop-Rock group founded in 2001. INDICA's first album, ‘Ikuinen virta’, was released in 2004. It has since sold platinum in Finland. INDICA supported NIGHTWISH during their Scandinavian tour 2007 in which they performed English versions of their songs and Tuomas Holopainen of NIGHTWISH produced their next album ‘Valoissa’. The band was also added to the line-up for NIGHTWISH's 2nd half of the “Dark Passion Play Tour” with PAIN. The current album is called ‘A Way Away’ and was released in June 2010. INDICA is Jonsu (vocals, violin, guitar, keyboard), Heini (bass, guitar), Sirkku (keyboard, clarinet, piano), Jenny (guitar) and Laura (drums, percussion). /

Music & Performance
The concert took place in the pretty venue Knust and when I arrived, the club was already well-filled and the people were waiting for the start of the concert. Some minutes later than announced, the lights went down and the beautiful girls of INDICA got a warm welcome by the crowd when they entered the stage in the dark after a long instrumental intro, followed by the first song ‘As If’. Right from the start, the temper within the crowd was great because the girls on stage had a lot of fun with their performance and the spirit went over to the crowd very quickly. People were clapping hands and singing along. INDICA impressed with a rousing performance, the pleasing soulful voice of the singer, combined with the vital and powerful performance of all band members bewitched the audience. The sound was great and the lightshow formidable.

The setlist consisted of all in all fourteen songs, mostly taken from the current album ‘A Way Away’, completed by older own songs and a fantastic cover version of ‘Wuthering Heights’ (Kate Bush). Quickly the time was over and after ‘Straight & Arrow’ the main set finished and the girls left the stage. An encore was given with only one more song and too early for me, INDICA finally left the stage.

01. Intro
02. As If
03. Islands Of Light
04. Children Of Frost
05. Nursery Crimes
06. Scissor, Paper, Rock
07. Surusilmä
08. Precious Dark
09. Mykkä
10. Outside In
11. Wuthering Heights
12. Valokeilat
13. In Passing
14. Straight & Arrow
15. Eerie Eden

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 8
Total: 9.3 / 10

All pictures by Florian Staudinger (

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