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Artist: Indica
Title: A Way Away
Genre: Pop / Rock
Release Date: 25th June 2010
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

INDICA is a Finnish band formed in 2001 by schoolmates Johanna "Jonsu" Salomaa (vocals, violin, guitar, keyboard, Theremin) and Heini (bass) who earlier had played together in a children’s string orchestra. The line-up was soon completed when Sirkku (keyboards, clarinet, piano), Jenny (guitar) and Laura (drums, percussion) joined the band. In 2003, INDICA signed their first recording contract and began working on their debut album ‘Ikuinen Virta’ which was released in 2004. This album was a great success for the band in Finland where it spent 30 weeks in the Finnish charts and reached platinum sales. The band has since released three more albums in Finland, two of which went gold, remaining in the charts for weeks. The last of the three ‘Valoissa’ was released in 2008 and was produced by Tuomas Holopainen of NIGHTWISH who also was involved in mixing the band’s new album ‘A Way Away’. It is s a compilation of INDICA’s best songs, re-recorded in English for the international market. The recording was co-produced by Roland Spremberg and mixed by Mark Schettler.

What I like most with INDICA and ‘A Way Away’ is that they are not afraid to blend too many instruments and elements into the songs, they dare to experiment and the end result is a masterpiece. I have not heard how INIDICA’s Finnish records sounds like but I find it interesting that the band has chosen to re-record their best Finnish songs in English instead of write new ones. I imagine that it took a lot of time and energy to transform the songs and make the lyric work in English - impressive! I read somewhere that the vocalist Johanna had butterflies in her tummy the first time she sang in English and really she should not worry anymore because I am simply bewitched by her voice and the sound of INDICA.

‘Island Of Lights’ simply kicks off the album with an impressive violin intro that takes me by surprise because I did not expect the album to begin like this. This energetic song kind of takes you by the hand and runs with you all through the end where a calmer part lets you catch your breath. Truly beautiful music creates an impressive song that makes me curious of the rest of the album. ‘Children of Frost’ has the air of a poetic and artistic song from the very first tune in the beautiful intro to the end of this amazing song. I really like the way Johanna uses her voice and how she tells the story to the moving music. During the end I close my eyes and get the feeling of spinning round and round to the alluring song. ‘Lilja’s Lament’ is a slow and strong song where it’s a pure pleasure to listen to the special and interesting vocals; I find myself thinking some of KATE BUSH as I listen to how Johanna sings and phrase her words. ‘In Passing’ is the first single from the album, flowing keyboard / piano together with beautiful vocals and strong lyrics with a hint of humour “that bad, bad lake’s okay; it washed my hair”. The video for the song is directed by Patric Ullaeus that can be seen here:

‘Scissor, Paper, Rock’ is different, the cool beat and the rougher and edgier sound shows that this band can make more than beautiful ballads. Strong and darker vocals accompanied by an energetic violin, darker guitar and bass create a very good and catchy song. I like the playful tone and the lyrics “the rocks will turn to dust, the scissors starts to rust, the ink will fade with us...”. ‘As if’ is a powerful and dynamic song with Oriental sounds and rhythms that makes it hard to sit still while listening to it. Cool how Johanna repeats some words a couple of times before moving on with the lyrics. The catchy chorus easily get stuck on my mind “And I can’t find me inside, I hide in an empty smile. And I have left behind, in words that aren’t mine.” This song quickly became a favourite and the only bad thing with it is that it’s way too short for my taste - I hit repeat one more time and swear that it’s the last time but as I get caught up in the music once again it is impossible not to want to listen to it again and well again...


01. Island Of Lights
02. Precious Dark
03. Children of Frost
04. Lilja’s Lament
05. In Passing
06. Scissor, Paper, Rock
07. A Way
08. Straight and Arrow
09. As If
10. Eerie Eden


Johanna "Jonsu" Salomaa - vocals, violin, guitars, keyboards
Heini - bass guitar, backing vocals
Sirkku - keyboards, clarinet, backing vocals
Jenny - guitars, backing vocals
Laura - drums

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10


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