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Palladium, Cologne, Germany
20th March 2006
In Flames, Sepultura, Dagoma

The evening promised to be a fucking hot mixture. Headliner of the tour were ‘In Flames’ but when you have a closer look to the support – nobody less than ‘Sepultura’ – then you need to ask if you can speak of support and headliner at all. Following our opinion – and not only ours but also according to a lot of fans – it was a double-headliner show. And fans were there in masses. Long queues in front of the entrance made us imagine how full it would become later and why the concert was changed from the E-Werk to the much bigger Palladium. At the beginning there seemed to be some problems with the entrance and the big gates stayed closed unexpectedly. But after a short waiting time the doors were opened and about 3500 fans floated into the venue.

We were a bit surprised that there yet was another support act announced: ‘Dagoma’, a French metal band which I had never heard of. The venue was entered of good cheer and the ears were perked up. ‘Dagoma’ entered the stage short after eight and presented a musical mixture probably of ‘Sepultura’ and ‘Fear Factory’. They seemed quite inhibited on stage but the first metal heads of the evening started to shake their hair. All in all the band presented a rather unvaried show which could not really impress – but as a warm-up for the evening it was ok. Maybe in future you can hear something more matured made by them.


The Brazilian band started in the early 80ies and just released their new record ‘Dante XXI’. ‘Sepultura’ are Derrik Green (vocals), Andreas Kisser (guitar), Paolo Jr. (bass) and Roy Mayorga (drums - Ex-Soulfly)

That’s the right music for all the metal heads waiting in the venue. The new songs still were quite unknown within the fans and all were waiting for the classics. Painfully missed was also drummer Igor Cavalera who left the band after his brother and former front man Max. The new songs seemed to be a bit too much on the same line and could be a bit monotonous after several hearing.

After slim 30 minutes ‘Dagoma’ and a short rebuilding break ‘Sepultura’ entered the stage and the first hairs were flying through the air. The first pogo-dancing people got ready and slowly people started to go along the new songs of the band even though they seemed a bit too new for most of the people. All were waiting for classics like ‘Refuse/Resist’ or ‘Arise’. It were songs like these that made the metal-heads to go crazy and made the venue a huge mosh- and pogo-pit. Even though Igor was missed the fans celebrated the band and bawled the classics very loudly. You had to admit that Derrik Green – the new front man – was a real beast on stage – but honestly he could not be compared with Max Cavalera. But anyway the fans liked the concerts and ‘Sepultura’ left the band after 45 minutes to hand over the stage to the real headliner of the evening.

Music 8
Performance 7
Sound 8
Light 8
Total 8

In Flames

It was the year 1990 when Jesper wanted to make music in a different direction, and he teamed up with Johan Larsson and Glenn Ljungström to form IN FLAMES. The Swedish metal band released their new album ‘Come Clarity’ in February 2006. Today’s line-up: Björn Gelotte – Guitars, Daniel Svensson – Drums, Peter Iwers – Bass-guitar, Jesper Strömblad – Guitars and Anders Fridén – Vocals.

For many years the band played very fast melodic Death Metal with lots of tempo changes and which was based on heavy and melodic bass-riffs and aggressive drums. The chant was a mixture of Death Metal Growls and clean vocals. Later on the band changed its style into the direction of Nu-Metal. Simpler song structures, melodic and catchy riffs and a harsher but also clean chant as well as a changed singer with dread-locks underlined that new direction. On their recent album though they go partly back to their roots and reduced the use of synthesizer effects. The lyrics are quite complex and not easy to interpret. The set started directly with a song of the new album ‘Come Clarity’. Afterwards they played two songs out of their burner-album ‘Reroute to Remain’. The audience – which consisted mostly of new fans – really liked the new stuff very well and showed it with excessive dancing, jumping and moshing.

During the rebuilding break the whole stage was covered with a white curtain. After a quite long break the first tunes of ‘Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone’ started and the shadows of the band members could be seen behind the curtain as well as light effects that run up and down the curtain. With a loud explosion the stage was unveiled and within a few seconds the Palladium turned into a real boiling pot of growling, raging and moshing fans. ‘In Flames’ impressed right from the start with the new song as well as with an extremely hot fire and light show. Also the audience contact hasn’t been missed – over and over again front man Friedén was talking to the audience and told them that this is one of the biggest headliner tours in the band history. The audience liked the show very much and no one stayed dry in the hot venue. The heat was “supported” by steady fire fountains and flying sparks. The optical impression of the concert was great! But not only fire has been used – also the well-known glitter-cannon found its way into the show. After about 90 minutes the band came to the final with ‘My Sweet Shadow’ and all pyro and light effects on staged had been used. After the concert anyone was sure that it was worth attending the concert and that you got a great show for your money.

00. Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone (Intro)
01. Pinball Map
02. Leeches
03. System
04. Trigger
05. Insipid 2000
06. Colony
07. Behind Space
08. Crawl Through Knives
09. Black & White
10. Take This Life
11. Scream
12. Come Clarity
13. Cloud Connected
14. Drifter
15. Moonshield
16. Episode 666
17. Only For The Weak
18. Vacuum
19. The Quiet Place
20. Touch of Red
21. My Sweet Shadow

Music 9
Performance 9
Sound 8
Light 10
Total 9

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