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Artist: Garagedays
Title: Dark And Cold
Genre: Heavy / Power / Thrash Metal
Release Date: 27th May 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

Austrian GARAGEDAYS was founded in 2005 on foundations of loving “good old 80’s metal”, they’ve recorded several demos and now they’re bringing out ‘Dark And Cold’ to your eardrums. Sure the old school Power/ Thrash Metal are here, but GARAGEDAYS by no means ape it; not to mention that it’s not just another 80’s throwback but however much homage their music does pay to those great days of Metal, it still manages to sound relevant and fresh for today’s listeners. One thing that stands out to me immediately is that these guys love what they’re doing and Marco Kern (vocalist and rhythm guitar) is definitely  one to  throw himself into it more than 100 % with the rest of the guys close on his heels.  I’d rename the band though.

GARAGEDAYS might bear nice tribute sheen with its reference to METALLICA’s single and sure you can hear the influence of METALLICA (also of JUDAS PRIEST amongst few other titans of Heavy Metal scene), but... I feel that their music can stand behind a much stronger title - banner with no associations to their legacy, but something that represents them on their own. Even if it was chosen only as a tribute to their days of playing in a garage, those days are over now and it’d fit to any other band and who wants to be any other band?! There are many straight rock-you-out-of-skull songs like the opening ‘Last Breath’, ‘Piece of Shit’ - which is also awesomely fast and fierce, remarkable with its drumming also.  Some are weighed down by darker moods and themes as in the obviously titled one ‘Lord Of Darkness’ but also in ‘Father’. There’s songs to slow the speed down such as ‘Four’ which is a beautiful balladry song, with a wonderful accompaniment of a sound of rain and thunder in the distance.

It’s in these slower ones where I am reminded of METALLICA the most. This is a wonderful song and one to savour more than once. ‘Conscience’ has some slower parts like this, but it’s contrasted by faster guitar solos, and harsher ending.  ‘I’m Your Hate’ is probably one of my favourites here. It’s just unrestrained kick ass song with just terrifically menacing tone, some good old classic guitar solos and cutthroat riffs to enjoy. ‘Black Bridges’ has something of Doom Metal with its thicker sound, low guitars riffs, low growling vocal and heavy atmosphere! The ending one does also superbly mixes classic influences with the more modern trends of Metal into a track that digs into your flesh and leaves an aftertaste.

There’s plenty of head banging promise for their live shows (they’re at the moment on tour with MASTER), and the CD is just great Metal experience, pure energy, and power, certainly impressive for a debut.  Do check these guys out and see how you’ll like them, they certainly deserve the chances given to them if only for their passion and love of Heavy Metal!


01. Last Breath – 3.17
02. Lord Of Darkness – 3.44
03. Father – 6.28
04. Blow Away – 2.58
05. Four – 5.50
06. I‘m Your Hate – 3.12
07. Piece Of Shit – 4.44
08. Conscience – 4.45
09. Black Bridges – 1.50
10. Dark And Cold – 4.27


Marco Kern - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Dominik Eder - Bass Guitar
Matthias Mai -Drums
Rene Auer - Lead Guitar

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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