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orpheusinredvelvet thetendencytovanish
Artist: Orpheus In Red Velvet
Title: The Tendency To Vanish
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 28th November 2011
Label: Self-Released

Album Review

ORPHEUS IN RED VELVET, supposedly inspired by MARC ALMOND’s song of the same name, roots way back to 1996. It’s been apparently put on hiatus when working as keyboarder with DIARY OF DREAMS started. After [Os]mium had left the band around for job-related reasons, the project was revived with several separate songs becoming available for listening here and there. In 2007, he released an EP called ‘Strange Behaviour’. Several years later then and long-anticipated by many fans, the first album ‘The Tendency To Vanish’ is getting released. ‘Transient’ is the first track and it spreads placid and melancholy moods right away for the [Os]mium’s voice to float on. After that slow introduction it’s time for a bit of a faster thing with ‘Razed’, a track supplying straightforward club beats and ambient soundscapes with a good vocal performance within the limits of his range. Let’s turn towards a German-tongued track called ‘Silberstreif’. It’s about a treacherous glimmer of hope; a silver-lining on the horizon that turns to be more akin to a black hole.

Edgy rhythms meet airy melodies on ‘Incapable’ creating a perfect environment for a tale of hopelessness and despair, of the fear of dying alone without anyone remembering you were alive at all. Well, well admittedly I was heavily biased towards a cover of ‘Karma Police’ by RADIOHEAD. But sometimes you just have the guts to try. Even though it’s not evoking the same feelings with me as the original does, I’m surprised how good [Os]mium is doing in the vocal department here. ‘Not Born Human’ could easily pass as a dark electro song at first seems a little out of place. It’s an entirely instrumental track utilizing vocal samples and movie excerpts only. ‘Indifferent’ goes completely without any rhythm focusing on piano strings and vocals. From skies up high to abysms down below we go with ‘Reminiscent Of A Past’, the beats pounding relentless encompassed by sinister textures. ‘Final Stroke’ makes up the finale of the album and while progressing expands to almost epic proportions.

The songs on ‘A Tendency To Vanish’ mostly maintain a calm undertone while styles of electronic music vary from ballads to intricate pieces to rather poppy endeavours and club songs. The record’s biggest disadvantage though is that the sound quality varies as well. I know there’s no support by a huge label and that it’s self-released. Still it could’ve used some more sonic polish.


01. Transient - 4:09
02. Razed - 4:01
03. In Need Of Care - 5:12
04. Silberstreif - 3:44
05. Without Reason - 4:47
06. Incapable - 4:42
07. Karma Police - 4:24
08. Not Born Human - 3:48
09. Make A Difference - 4:27
10. Indifferent (Drifting In Clouds) - 3:39
11. Für einen kurzen Augenblick - 4:21
12. Reminiscence of a Past - 4:46
13. Final Stroke - 4:20




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orpheusinredvelvet thetendencytovanish


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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