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mindlessfaith justdefy
Artist: Mindless Faith
Title: Just Defy
Genre: Industrial
Release Date: 1st January 2012
Label: AlterCulture Records

Album Review

In their fifth album the MINDLESS FAITH are here to continue their ideological struggle against the corruption of the institutions and...

the individuals
the Mormons
the Guinea pigs
those zombie nurses in the Silent Hill
all of the above

Apart from the expected answer to the above question and the humorous pun, the band delves into a pleasantly aggressive Industrial and their lyrics have some interesting twists that are not easily found around the scene. Musically, the building of the songs is at times unexpected as for example in ‘No Saints Allowed’ where the acoustic guitars open it in order to jump after a while into heavier slow tempo depths or in ‘Undone’ which carries cinefil aesthetics in the sound and ‘Corporati$m’ which is influenced by DEAD KENNEDYS and 32 CRASH approaches.

Yet most of the times the band delivers an in-your-face Industrial like in ‘Vultures’ or in ‘Thirst’ two of the most successful songs to be found here in the tradition of COMBICHRIST or FEINDFLUG. Fast and danceable they prove that the band has never quit their grasp of catchiness, quirkiness and tongue-in-cheek attitude. ‘Just Defy’ is an album that has many interesting elements on offer and proves to be a listening time well spent. On the other hand I don’t think I’ll be keeping the dust off it for very long.


01. The Thirst
02. Love Is A Dirty Word
03. Next To Last
04. Over The Fence
05. Corporati$m
06. No Saints Allowed
07. Mutually Assured Destruction
08. Indiscriminate Force
09. You Don’t Know
10. Undone
11. Vultures (Let Up Pray Mix)


Exeris - Keys/beats/gfx/samples/vocals
Jasin - Beats/keys/vocals/guitar
MindCage - Guitar

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mindlessfaith justdefy


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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