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Artist: New Order
Title: Lost Sirens
Genre: Pop, Synth, Wave
Release Date: 18th January 2013
Label: Warner Music

Album Review

Following the suicide of vocalist Ian Curtis, the remaining members of JOY DIVISION, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris, formed a new band together with Gillian Gilbert, NEW ORDER. Due to tensions between the band members, the band broke up in 1993, but reformed in 1998. When 2007 Hook left the band, NEW ORDER broke up again, to be reformed once more in 2011 without Peter Hook. During the band's career and in between lengthy breaks, band members have been involved in several solo projects, such as Sumner's Electronic and Bad Lieutenant; Hook's Monaco and Revenge and Gilbert's and Morris' The Other Two. Cunningham was previously a member of Marion and with Sumner and Chapman was a member of Bad Lieutenant. Away from history to the musical style! With a combination of New Wave and electronic music, NEW ORDER became one of the most influential bands of the 80s. One of their biggest hits was 1983 single ‘Blue Monday’.

When Hook left the band and started playing old JOY DIVISION songs again with his band THE LIGHT, there was a lot of ill will between the former band members. Anyone was claiming the other just to make money out of history. Maybe the new album ‘Lost Sirens’ is now the final stroke for both sides under the common era, especially since NEW ORDER replaced Peter Hook now by Tom Chapman who is now working with the band on really new material. ‘Lost Sirens’ is a mini album with mainly unreleased songs from the era when Hook still was in the band. The songs are from the recording sessions for ‘Waiting for the Siren’s Call’, which was released in 2005. Besides six unreleased songs, the album contains the uncut radio version of ‘Hellbent‘ which was originally released on the JOY DIVISION / NEW ORDER retrospective ‘Total’ and a yet unreleased mix of ‘I Told You’. ‘Lost Sirens’ is available as CD, download and vinyl.

Well, now we should have a little closer look at the songs itself. When listening to the first one, ‘I’ll stay with you’ it is hard to believe that we are “only” talking about outtakes from the ‘Waiting for the Siren’s Call’ album since this songs reanimates the ‘Chrystal’ times with Hook’s classic bass lines and strong guitars. Also Sumner’s vocals can really convince. Another pretty cool song is ‘I’ve got a Feeling’, where Hook’s bass dominates once more. ‘Hellbent’ is already known, but in 2012 it really turned into a radio classic and probably was the reason for the ‘Lost Sirens’ release. All in all, the songs on the album are timeless and fans are surely happy for this present. Especially since you cannot be sure about the qualities of an upcoming NEW ORDER album without Peter Hook…


01. I'll Stay With You - 4:24
02. Sugarcane - 4:47
03. Recoil - 5:11
04. Californian Grass - 4:36
05. Hellbent (Original Mix) - 4:26
06. Shake It Up - 5:22
07. I've Got A Feeling - 4:30
08. I Told You So - 5:08


Bernard Sumner – lead vocals, guitar, synthesisers, programming
Stephen Morris – drums and percussion, synthesisers, programming
Gillian Gilbert – synthesisers, programming, guitars
Phil Cunningham – synthesisers, programming, guitars, electronic
Tom Chapman – bass, synthesisers, programming (not member on the album)

Former member – was taking part on the album
Peter Hook – bass, electronic drums, synthesisers, programming, vocals

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neworder lostsirens


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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