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meinhard beyondwonderland
Artist: Meinhard
Title: Beyond Wonderland
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 22nd March 2013
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

The German MEINHARD up till now have managed to stay out of easy characterisations. The genre is Gothic Rock but it is played with a very sharp feeling of pop, something that pushes the band away from the poserism of pessimism that has befallen the scene. And it is this feeling has gained strength in ‘Beyond Wonderland’. The results are fairly straightforward; fun - tremendous amounts of it actually-, an uplifting dance mood, catchiness and a quality of sound that offers an extra oomph to the band. The homonymous track really sets the mood that will follow. Surrealistic, and at times, plain bizarre it certainly shows that the band had a tremendous inspiration while making the CD. It is really rare to find a band combining Goth with pure fun. ‘Falling!’ and the ‘Nimmerwo’, are just but few of the good moments of this album.

‘Falling!’ is made just to push you onto the dance floor, while the ‘Nimmerwo’ will more than likely put a wry smile on your face. The ‘Ontopofthemushroom’ will bring forth something from the early 80’s with its use of synths and at the same time will make you remember SACRED REICH’s ‘Who’s to Blame’! There’s a cabaret feeling in the ‘Pig & Pepper’ and Jazz undertones in the ‘(Mock) Turtle)’ in order for the band to make an impressive exit with ‘The Trial’. As it is plain to see there is enough diversity within the album. MEINHARD have made a CD that with at first might seem pure entertainment, but they manage, astutely, to hide themselves behind the songs, to let the creation take the applause and not the creator.  


01. Beyond Wonderland
02. Mr. White Rabbit
03. Falling!
04. Nimmerwo
05. Sea of Tears
06. Caucus-Race
07. Ontopofthemushroom
08. Pig & Pepper
09. CatNip
10. MaD aS A hAtTer
11. (Mock) Turtle
12. The Trial



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meinhard beyondwonderland


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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