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markharris theangrychild
Artist: Mark Harris
Title: The Angry Child
Genre: Ambient
Release Date: 18th February 2014
Label: n5MD

Album Review

When I started looking into the artist MARK HARRIS as a preparation to the review of his latest achievement 'The Angry Child', I came across a way of utilizing electronic music I only once have met in an entirely different way. AUTECHRE do just as well use custom software and frequently use generative techniques in their music. Just where they're doing it strictly technical, Harris' aim is to trigger an emotional response inside of the listener. Quite the other end of the spectrum. I never once have thought about how things could turn out if approached this way, so this is what I experiences with 'The Angry Child'. The very second, 'The tributary/losing your way' starts taking form, floating out of the speakers like liquid emotion, it makes something tangible that was shrouded in mist just a few second ago. Sooner than you realize you're being immersed in thoughts, lost bits of memory coming back to the surface, a strong form of melancholia if you will.

The trip soon continues on 'In Spite Of Everything/The night that made the darkness'. Even if not having witnessed it yourself it evokes a sense of loss, a story happening long ago woven into the sustaining textures of distant melody, echoing through vast spaces of mind. The nostalgic title track extends its gaze backwards into the past. Along the way you find pictures, scenes flickering in a grey haze that somehow is lit by an invisible sun.. The following 'Everything I did was wrong' renders a moment of clarity audible; the split second you realize you should've chosen more wisely, otherwise you wouldn't be standing on top of the cliffs looking across the stormy sea feeling so endlessly alone. Actually, the next title carries light in it in abundance. The melodies indeed mimics rays of light as the morning sun sends them down to earth. It's warm layers spreading across the room, now and then a crystalline piano drop permeates the air from afar.

The closing act has you transferred up close to the raging waters of the sea: the wind blowing around your face, and yet you're in peace with everything. It reflects a current state of mind. It is like waving goodbye, a final wistful moment before turning around and following a path leading straight into a haze that could harbour almost anything...


01. the tributary_losing your way
02. in spite of everything_the night that made the darkness
03. the angry child
04. everything i did was wrong
05. before you wake or the fool who mimics the sun
05. running forward to the object of ones affection


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markharris theangrychild


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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