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Artist: Luminance
Title: Icons & Dead Fears / Obsession & Viper Smile 7”
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: July 2014
Label: Weyrd Son Records

EP Review

LUMINANCE, the one-man band of David-Alexandre Parquier (DA), who also plays in the French band SOROR DOLOROSA, has made no less than three releases in the last few weeks. Firstly, DA has just released a vinyl, auto-produced, reissue of his first EP, ‘The Light Is Ours’, which was originally published last year on cassette and on the Internet.

Second release is a brand new sophomore EP called ‘Icons & Dead Fears’, which is available on the internet (see below). Let's take a closer look at it. This EP is perfectly in line with the Synth Pop / Darkwave of ‘The Light Is Ours’ but also marks an interesting evolution. The initial track, ‘Drown’, e.g., installs a very ambient, slightly Krautrock atmosphere, built around modular synth sounds and sequences that make inevitably think of TANGERINE DREAM.  ‘Walk’ by cons, is the archetype of the perfect Synth Pop song: a superb electronic rhythm creates the setting for DA's voice and layers of analogue synths reminiscent of OMD. ‘R / W / M’ has a syncopated beat; the stripped and repetitive aspects evoke Agent Side Grinder, an impression confirmed by the deep voice drowned in a very claustrophobic reverb. It's a pity that the “chorus” part doesn't contain vocals: the composition would have gained in power.

This cannot be said of ‘Statics’, which appears as perfectly completed. The beat is fast and is surrounded by dreamy synthetic sounds à la LED ER EST: a hit! But the most attractive track, in my humble opinion, is ‘Obsession’ and I must admit, largely thanks to the participation of one of my favourite singers/ songwriters of the moment, Nathalia Bruno (ex-Phosphor, Leave The Planet). David-Alexander has created for her a beautiful music, with DEPECHE MODE accents. We're bathing in happiness from beginning to end, crucified by Nathalia's bewitching voice... At the end, DA joins Nathalia for a very dream-pop ending, which evokes CLAN OF XYMOX. A beautiful song, high on my DJ playlists. DA, fancy a remix? Finally, the last track, ‘Siharh’ is a very dark ambient (witchy) instrumental, built around a voice that sounds like a sample from an American movie. We can only congratulate LUMINANCE for this new gem! Only small downside is the lack of guitars, which added a nice CURE-esque element in the first EP, especially on ‘Facts And Emotions’.

Third release: the song ‘Obsession’ has just been released separately as a vinyl 7” single by Weyrd Son Records, with a new song, ‘Viper Smile’, as B-side. The record comes in two superb editions: first 50 hand-numbered copies on white vinyl, 250gr deluxe cardboard sleeve + extra cover negative print on plastic sheet and secondly 200 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl, 250gr deluxe cardboard sleeve. The amazing artwork was designed by Anaïs Mims. In conclusion, LUMINANCE seems to be improving his craft with each production, proving to be one of the most promising acts of the dark scene.

To order the Obsession/Viper Smile 7”:


Icons & Dead Fears
01. Drown
02. Walk
03. R/W/M
04. Statics
05. Obsession (feat. Nathalia Bruno)
06. Siharh

Obsession / Viper Smile 7"
01. Obsession (feat. Nathalia Bruno)
02. Viper Smile


DA: all instruments, programming, vocals
Nathalia Bruno: vocals on ‘Obsession’
Félicie: vocals on ‘Viper Smile’

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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