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Title: All Nightmare Long
Artist: Metallica
Genre: Metal
Release Date: 12th December 2008
Label: Mercury (Universal)

Album Review

If I just mention the name METALLICA, there’s no need for any further or more detailed introduction. It’s a name that makes metal fans all over the world freeze with respect and in September they finally released their ninth studio album ‘Death Magnetic’ off of which the new single ‘All Nightmare Long’ is taken. The single will be available in three different versions: CD 1 comes as valuable digipak with room for 3 CDs/DVDs. Both, CD2 and the DVD, will be released as ‘normal’ Maxi CD. Each CD features different, exclusive and previously unreleased songs as B-Sides. Besides the video clip to the single, the DVD comprises a Warm-Up performance of the band at this year’s Rock im Park festival, as well as a documentary of the ‘Death Magnetic Album Release Party’ on 12th September in Berlin.

The title track starts out with quite harmless in the mid-tempo area butt soon starts rolling like a storm brewing off right in front of you to kick your asses firmly. That track won’t give you a second of resting. One thrashing riff is following the other; the drumming keeps up a constant energy level all the way through the almost 8 minutes long track and despite that features some insane solos - and it’s complex and comes with lots of shifts and structural twists that it’s a feast listening to it. The first of the live tracks is ‘Wherever I May Roam’ from the famous black album, starting with the sitar playing the main riff before the drums and E-Guitars kick in to complete the song. You can hear the fans cracking up when the first tones of ‘Master of Puppets’ ring through the air and here you’re going to experience real live feeling with the audience loudly singing along with Hetfield or completely alone at times. The second CD features as live tracks ‘Blackened’ and ‘Seek & Destroy’ from the admired ‘…and Justice For All’ continuing a tradition with Hetfield asking the audience to sing along with him. When he shouts, "Searching", they shout, "Seek and destroy!"

It’s no question for the extreme die-hard fans to grab the complete package with the DVD. If you need the single as decision support whether to buy the album or not, I think I know what you’re going to do after you’ve heard it. That track is extremely phat and the single is definitely worth the money even if you already own ‘Death Magnetic’.


1. All Nightmare Long - 7:58
2. Wherever I May Roam (Live) – 6:38
3. Masters of Puppets (Live) – 8:20

CD 2:
1. All Nightmare Long – 7:58
2. Blackened (Live) – 6:32
3. Seek and Destroy (Live) – 7:46

1. All Nightmare Long
2. Berlin Magnetic (Documentary)
3. Rock im Park “Container” Rehearsal


James Hetfield – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Lars Ulrich – Drums, Percussion
Kirk Hammett – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Robert Trujillo – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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