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METALLICA Hauptplakat
Metal Up your Ass! How everybody knows, METALLICA from Los Angeles are one of the most successful rock bands in the world consisting of the members James Hetfield (voice), Kirk Hammett (guitar since 1983), Lars Ulrich (drums) and Robert Trujillo (since 2003). They are one of the most creative group of people worldwide which created albums like ‘Kill `Em All’ or ‘Master of Puppets’ and set a new measurement to metal music. With their ‘The Black Album’, they captured the mainstream audience at the early 90ies, too. They still fill the concert halls and sold over a 100 million albums.

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Now they started a new ground-breaking project with their movie event ‘Through the never 3D’. This movie was made by director Nimród Antal (known from ‘Predator’, ‘Motel’ or ‘Kontroll’). The centrepiece of the plot is a young METALLICA crew member, played by shooting star Dane DeHaan (‘The Amazing Spider-Man2’, ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’), who carries out a special mission during a live concert. This mission develops to a crazy trip with action scenes in a sombre apocalyptic-like city in the state of emergency.

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METALLICA invited to the European movie premiere on 12th September 2013 at the Cinestar IMAX Berlin. Special guests like Natalia Avelon, Martin Kesici, Tobias Schenke, Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht and Niels Ruf took place in the completely full cinema this evening, as well as some members of the fan club St. Germany.  Some impressions of that evening:

Before the movie started, the fan club and many other enthusiastic fans and visitors at the Sony Center were waiting at the black carpet in front of the cinema. There was a chance to see Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo live and get an autograph. Some members of the fan club were already in Vancouver before to join the filming process of that 32 million dollar production.

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A big part of that money was put into a colossal stage that was designed for 15 million dollar which will never be seen again like this. METALLICA committed Charlotte Huggins as an 3D expert for filming. She is specialized in producing spectacular 3D movies. Altogether they used 36 3D cameras to film the concert. 92 minutes brilliant sound underlined with an overwhelmed pyrotechnics on an extravagant stage ever. An absolute must-see for all METALLICA fans and those which are not too. Louder, faster, harder! Like never before!

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The premiere guests leaving the cinema later after the movie, were thrilled by the incredibly powerful sound and the outstanding 3D effects and pictures. The story is not that preeminent, but some of them were sitting at the audience with an open mouth during the first minutes of the movie. So mighty! In connection of the screening, Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo, which came to Berlin only for that premiere, answered some questions of the cinema visitors. In the process, Robert revealed that METALLICA are working on a new album “Die kreativen Säfte fließen” (the creative juices are flowing). This Q+A session was another good chance for other fans to see the band very close and get again autographs.

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The German cinema release is on 3 October. Watch the trailer:

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Pictures by Nadine Ginzel (as marked) & Promotional Pictures

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