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Title: Njord
Artist: Leaves‘ Eyes
Genre: Gothic Rock / Metal
Release Date: 28th August 2009
Label: Napalm Records


The success story of Leaves´ Eyes is as sweet as their ballades. When Liv Kristine decided to form her own band together with the members from Atrocity, none could foresee that years later the band put their mark on the gothic scene in an unforgettable way. The charismatic singer formed the scene back in 1992: electro-metal music with a female voice. The debut of Leaves’Eyes ‘Lovelorn’ (2004) is again a breakthrough in the music world. For the first time a band translate nature’s impressions into music. In 2005 a higher success came with the single ‘Elegy.’ The last few years were earthshaking for the formation: many shows worldwide, line-up changes and a huge dvd project.

With their third album ‘Njord’ the concept of the Nordic mythology continues in a very interesting way. No doubt this band is still developing and reached the top of the international scene. Finally ‘vintage’ their long earned success. With talent and courage discovering new musical borders, respect!

Album review

The title track and opener ‘Njord’ is an unforgettable adventure, it simply overwhelms you. First eye-catcher is the new sound of Liv Kristine. She found new depths, an enriched high pure voice. Second the combination between technical metal and the bombastic arrangements are perfect. The production is perfect, what is very important for a band with so many layers. The voice of Alex Krull is dark and fits well with the more opera voice of Liv Kristine. More prominent drum parts are more than suitable.

The remarkable guitar sound is still a trademark of the band. In every imaginable level Leaves’ Eyes is grown and reached new borders. It is for sure they gave everything they had in this song. Follow the song and you enter a new journey from the shore into the woods: sometimes dreamy, sometimes dark.

‘My Destiny’ is the new single and comes with a totally different atmosphere. A song full of happiness in the voice of Liv Kristine. Build on a wave of an amazing guitar sound and a catchy,bombastic sound: excel bands like Nightwish. Totally different is ‘Emerald Island’ with violins and many changes in atmospheres. Sometimes very dark with Alex grunts and bombastic when Liv Kristine uses the contrasts in her voice. A very catchy guitar solo breaks the flow and confirms the high talented level of the band.

‘Take The Devil In Me’ gives you totally the opposite than you expect from such a title. A piano and the soft voice is all very romantic. It wouldn’t be Leaves’ Eyes to add an unexpected element: a modern duet between both vocalists. Again a song with many layers and a lot to discover.

‘Scarborough Fair’ is a traditional song and it fits the band very well. With their hart for mythologies and the skill to make it ‘their’ song with all the elements like finger fast guitar solo’s, dreamy voices and traditional instruments. ‘Trough Your Veins’ is darker and again Liv Kristine uses her voice in a totally new way than before. Homage to the nature and her lyrics are an important part of the song. Less is more is definitely true when you focus on her emotional voice and follow the story.

‘Irish Rain’ is full of melody and acoustic guitars, a long awaited ballade. Leaves’ Eyes is more than other bands aware of those ‘little’ songs. It settles under your skin and brings a warm feeling. That is the unique warm personality of Liv Kristine.

With ‘Northbound’ the old roots of Leaves’ Eyes are fully represented. Very catchy and it fits in the line to add more symphonic metal like Delain or Within Temptation try in a less interesting way. The talent unfolds and again the perfection in production is an eye catcher. ‘Ragnarok’ is even more bombastic and finally a big choir is there. Never before Liv Kristine used such a dramatic, opera voice but there is Alex to make the song deeper. The technical strength of the musicians makes this band different and high respected.

A soft melodic song with ‘Morgenland.’ Close your eyes and drift away on the sweet melody. Go back in time with the Scandinavian mythology. The fragile atmosphere is broken when ‘The Holy Bond’ sets in. In contradictory with other songs it is less dark but catchy. The guitarists Thorsten Bauer and Mathias Röderer are more in front of the mix, in a very positive way. All talents are coming together and it is close to perfection.

The last song ‘Forya’s Theme’ is another highlight. The band worked with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra and brought a totally new dimension. The Nordic journey ends in a very intense way. Emotional, fragile but at the same time strong in knowing what they want: Leaves’ Eyes is ready for the big adventure.
‘Njord’ will write history in a way none could dream of. You hear it in every song. A masterpiece: unforgettable and earthshaking.


01. Njord
02. My Destiny
03. Emerald Island
04. Take The Devil In Me
05. Scarborough Fair
06. Through Our Veins
07. Irish Rain
08. Northbound
09. Ragnarok
10. Morgenland
11. The Holy Bond
12. Forya's Theme


Liv Kristine - vocals
Thorsten Bauer - guitar
Mathias Röderer - guitar
Alexander Krull - vocals
Alla fedynitch - bass
Seven Antonopolous - drums

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Music: 9.5
Sound: 9.5
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10


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