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Title: Lumineux Noir
Artist: Marsheaux
Genre: Pop, Wave, Synth Pop
Release Date: 25th September 2009
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

The female electro pop duo from Greece has always been orientated towards synth pop sounds in the tradition of big names such as YAZOO, HUMAN LEAGUE and DEPECHE MODE. Up to now, Marianthi and Sophie have released the albums `E-bay Queen´ (2004) and `Peek A Boo´ (2007) followed up by tours and festival appearances. Their most recent piece of work entitled with `Lumineux Noir´ hit the stores in September and picks up the thread of sophisticated synth pop that lives on retro influences as well as on modern ingredients pleasing nostalgics and today’s dance-willing club-goers alike.

The standard album version of `Lumineux Noir´ contains all in all 13 songs that are able to charm the listeners due to decent electronic gimmicks coupling with harmonic and sweet vocals in contrast to the generally rather cool long-player’s atmosphere. Pulsating beats and an analogue-like keyboard line introduce the opener `Exit´ which soon turns out to be a gloomy and rhythmic piece accompanied with whispering angelic singings resulting in a catchy mid-tempo pop song. Doubtlessly, MARSHEAUX pays tribute to the decade of the 80´s – and the girls do it in a pretty skilful manner.

Though the duo’s compositions appear matured and respectable, they don’t lack playful sequences as heard on `Radial Emotion´ that conjures up images of the first DEPECHE MODE recording `Speak and Spell´. Sugar-sweet bubble gum stuff such as `Thousand LEDs´ alternates with rousing anthems like `Ghost´ or the ethereal gem `Sorrow´. Thus, `Lumineux Noir´ is addressed to anyone who prefers clean pop music that is not too hard to listen to. The stunning voices of Marianthi and Sophie are the icing of the cake and guarantee a relaxing and at the same time entertaining listening experience.


01. Exit
02. Breakthrough
03. Summer
04. Stand By
05. Radial Emotion
06. Loss Of Heaven
07. Destroy Me
08. Faith
09. Ghost
10. It's Fine Now
11. Thousand LEDs
12. So Far
13. Sorrow


Marianthi - vocals, keys
Sophie - vocals, keys




Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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