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Yard Club (Kantine), Cologne, Germany
11th November 2007
Client, The Dance Inc. & Marsheaux

On 11th November, a dark and rainy autumn-evening, we went to the location “Kantine” (canteen) in Cologne to enjoy CLIENT and their support bands at their actually tour in the small “Yard Club”. We arrived just in time and had to wait only some minutes until the first band started.


MARSHEAUX are a female electro pop duo from Thessaloniki (Greece). The two girls moved in Athens in 2000 and in 2003 they founded MARSHEAUX in order to express their love for the electro pop of the 80's and the sounds of synthesizers and drum machines. The problem of naming the band was easily solved by combining the first syllables of their names, MARIANTHI and SOPHIE. Their first release was a cover of the classic HOT BUTTER's ‘Popcorn’ with a great success in Greece. They make synth pop music in the tradition that YAZOO, HUMAN LEAGUE, DEPECHE MODE and OMD did. The current album called ‘peek a boo’ and was released in July 2007. MARSHEAUX are Marianthi (vocals, synths) and Sophie (vocals, synths) /

The set consisted of seven songs, taken from the both available albums ‘Ebay Queen’ and ‘peek a boo’. The danceable rhythm combined with pleasing vocals satisfied the audience very well. After about 30 minutes the show finished with ‘Dream of a Disco’. Personal highlight was the cover version of the famous 80s classic ‘The Promise’.

Just in time at 8 o'clock the both beautiful girls entered the stage and begun their set, supported by two male musicians who operated some synths in the background. Marianthi and Sophie were clothed in black dresses with red belts and bewitched the audience with their beauty, singing and charisma. They sang alternate and together and operated some synths. Quickly the crowd was infected by the danceable rhythm and enjoyed the show. Unfortunately the lightshow was a little bit poor, only two top lights from the crowd. How ever a very impressive show and a good start in the evening.

01. Love Under Pressure
02. Hanging On
03. The Promise
04. What A Lovely Surprise
05. Pure
06. Wait No More
07. Dream Of A Disco

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7.3

The Dance Inc.

After a short break of 15 minutes the evening went on with the second support band THE DANCE INC. This band comes from Hamburg and was founded in 2003 by Jan Elbeshausen (vocals, guitar) and Stefan Paul Goetsch (synths, keyboard, bass). In 2005 Andre Frahm (drums) joined the band. Their last album ‘Legs and Arms’ was released in May 2007, the current single ‘The Boy Who’ was released just a week ago. /

The set consisted of seven songs, started by ‘Same shores’ a new song, followed by six songs taken from the current album ‘Legs and Arms’. The organic sound with real drums and the guitar was a good contrast to the other both pure electronic bands at this evening.

The 3 boys from Hamburg did a good job and satisfied the audience with a natural performance. At the first song Stefan played bass, after it he changed to the keyboard for the rest of the show. Jan played guitar at the most songs. Unfortunately the poor light went on.

01. Same shores (unreleased)
02. You Can Help
03. Catpurr
04. Don't Run To The Suburbs
05. The Boy Who
06. Looking Like That
07. Matador

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.5


After another short change over break we could welcome the headliner of the evening CLIENT. CLIENT are a futurist British musical group from Rotherham, England who have toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia. They are most popular in Germany where they have had most commercial success. They combine Scandinavian airline hostess uniforms with glamour-girl aesthetics and harsh electronics to create a sound reminiscent of early forays into electronic sound manipulation and New Wave. Their uniforms have become their trademark. The original band members Kate Holmes (keyboard) and Sarah Blackwood (vocals) were formerly known only anonymously as Client A and Client B. Over the years different musicians had supported CLIENT on stage, at the current tour this part was taken by Charlotte Hatherley (ex ASH).  /

The show ran about 75 minutes and the setlist consisted of a lot of old hits like ‘Client’, ‘Pornography’, ‘Radio’ or ‘Price Of Love’ combined with songs like ‘Zerox Machine’, ‘Lights Go Out’ or ‘Heartland’ taken from the current album ‘Heartland’ which was released in March 2007. After about one our finished the main set with ‘It's Not Over’ but the crowd requested an encore which was given. After ‘Heartland’ they wanted finish again but the whole crowd sang the lyrics of ‘Rock And Roll Machine’ and CLIENT didn't leave the stage but performed this song before they finally finished.

At 9:30 the girls of CLIENT entered the stage and welcomed the crowd with a "Kölle alaaf!" - the German carnival salutation, as the carnival season was opened in the morning. Meanwhile the club was full packed and the temperature went higher. As usual, all girls on stage were dressed unitary - this time in black skirts and blouses. Charlotte Hatherley really was enrichment for the live performance of CLIENT, the played the bass dedicated and undertook some backing vocals. Her performance pleased me some more as Emily ("Client E") in the past. Sarah and Kate performed the usual good show and quickly the crowd boiled, right from the start everyone sang along, clapped their hands, shouted and screamed. Fortunately the lightshow was some better as during the support bands.

01. In It For The Money
02. Down To The Underground
03. Zerox Machine
04. Client
05. Someone To Hurt
06. Drive
07. Monkey On My Back
08. Pornography
09. Lights Go Out
10. Radio
11. Here And Now
12. Pills
13. Get Your Man
14. It's Not Over
15. Price Of Love
16. Heartland
17. Rock And Roll Machine
18. Köln (Outro)

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.3

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /

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