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Title: In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD)
Artist: Opeth
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: 17th September 2010
Label: Roadrunner Records

DVD Review

In course of celebrating their 20th anniversary, Swedish progressive metallers of OPETH set up a series of concerts they called ”Evolution XX: An Opeth Anthology” Those six shows were performed in spring at selected, special locations only. I had the honour to be a part of the only German show they played in Essen at one of Germany’s oldest cinemas and still remember that performance as if it happened just yesterday and how amazed, and exhausted, I was afterwards. The fourth show of that celebration tour took place at the grand Royal Albert Hall in London and simultaneously was filmed for a DVD we now know as ‘In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall’

The set contains 2 DVDs (The limited edition additionally 3 CDs). Since the original performance has been divided into two separate parts, the DVDs are going to follow that scheme as well. So the first one holds the complete performance of OPETH’s breakthrough album ‘Blackwater Park’, which is quite a reduced performance in the way that it is devoid of any of those much-loved statements of mister Åkerfeldt. The band completely focuses on the flawless live performance of the material, and they succeed in doing it. I’d even go that far as to say that some of the live versions are better than their studio pendants, especially considering Mikael’s improved capabilities as a vocalist. While some I think would’ve opted for a still performance, the OPETH guys, despite the complexity of the material, still rock like hell and the audience is following them suit, seen when the camera switches. Every single band member is shown in turns and cuts are not too fast. Additionally you’ll find an interview with Mikael in which he’s answering questions fans all over the world could submit.

The second disc includes the part after the break when a song off each album is being played in chronological order from the first to the current, skipping ‘Blackwater Park’ of course and this time around all those who’ve missed them can come to enjoy the full grace of Mikael’s dry humour, and they really do go nuts after every statement. Admittedly they’re too good not to do it. Additionally to that incredible show, the DVD has a documentary of the tour for your pleasure with lots of backstage footage, background information and stuff, so basically all the stuff happening behind the scenes. I can’t do any remarks about the original video quality since the promotional package has a downscaled version of the content. So if I say the video’s a bit blurry and pixels are popping up, it’s just my impression of the material I had on my hands. The audio part still was quite clear for a downscaled version I must say. So consider the original package to be an audio-visual treat and a definite must-buy.


Disc 1 "Observation One":
01 The Leper Affinity
02 Bleak
03 Harvest
04 The Drapery Falls
05 Dirge For November
06 The Funeral Portrait
07 Patterns In The Ivy
08 Blackwater Park

- Interview with Mikael Akerfeldt

Disc 2 "Observation Two":
01 Forest Of October
02 Advent
03 April Ethereal
04 The Moor
05 Wreath
06 Hope Leaves
07 Harlequin Forest
08 The Lotus Eater

- Documentary of “Evolution XX: An Opeth Anthology” Tour


Mikael Åkerfeldt - lead vocals, guitars
Martin Mendez - bass guitar
Fredrik Åkesson - guitars, backing vocals
Per Wiberg - keyboards, mellotron, backing vocals
Martin "Axe" Axenrot - drums, percussion

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Concert: 10
Audio: 6
Video: 6
Extras: 7
Total: 7.3 / 10


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