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Artist: Leichenwetter
Title: Zeitmachine
Genre: Gothic / Metal / Rock
Release Date: 6th May 2011
Label: Echozone

Album Review

LEICHENWETTER are returning with a new album which at the same time is a “best of” that covers their period from ‘Urworte’ (2003) till ‘Legende’ (2010). That means the lyrics are the same BUT the band has written different orchestrations for them. If you are unfamiliar with the band and its music this album is the best way to be introduced to. You’ll find yourselves in the middle of a gothic, almost baroque style of music and of lyrics, which all of them are poems by German poets. Numen, the leading singer of the band with the obvious Doom Metal influences in his voice and an unexpected, but welcomed softness (when the melody requires it), delivers a high calibre performance of the songs.

The poems used cover pretty much the period from the Storm and Stress and the Weimar Classicism till the Fin de Siècle and the Expressionism. I find the title of the album to be extremely poignant; it doesn’t only cover a period of the band but of Art as well. And it is for their credit that the style of their music actually denudes the Romanticism which rightly Heinrich Heine had had accused and his contemporary poets for leading to some form of unity and uniformity in art and society. They restore the poems on a different level, one that musically questions its material and at the same time loves it.

The fans of the band will find the songs that they love, under a challenging new orchestration as I’ve foresaid plus a rather new song ‘Die Zeit geht nicht’ which is fantastic. ‘Rather new’ means that a. never heard it before, b. Echozone didn’t bother itself to send detailed info (and for the matter of fact any info at all) and c. the official site of the band needs an update as soon as possible. If ever a term like Intelligent Goth ever existed they should have the LEICHENWETTER in it, as one of its foremost champions. Or in other words, it is beyond me the reason why this band never had the major audience worldwide it surely deserves.


01. Altes Lied (Heinrich Heine) 4:46
02. Und Die Hörner des Sommers Verstummten (Georg Heym) 4:51
03. Schwanenlied (Gottfried August Burger) 4:43
04. Im Nebel (Hermann Hesse) 4:08
05. Nur Dich (Else Lasker-Schuler) 3:59
06. Klage (Georg Trakl) 3:58
07. Die Zeit geht nicht (Ottfried Keller) 3:34
08. Dort und hier (Franz Werfer) 4:28
09. Allerseelen (Georg Trakl) 4:07
10. Feuerharfe (Yvan Goll) 3:42
11. Verführer (Hermann Hesse) 3:49
12. Mutter (Albrecht Haushofer) 3:44
13. Menschliches Elend (Andreas Gryphius) 6:08
14. Sehnsucht (Friedrich Schiller) 5:10
15. Letzte Worte (Annette von Droste-Hülshoff) 4:15


Numen - Vocals
Dawe - Guitar
Captain Loft - Bass
RaweN - Drums
Lord Hur - Synths
Der Voight - Navigation

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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