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Artist: Kneipenterroristen
Title: Das jüngste Gericht
Genre: Rock / Punk
Release Date: 27th May 2011
Label: Remedy Records

Album Review

Hamburg-based KNEIPENTERRORISTEN started out in 1998 as a cover band for BÖHSE ONKELZ with the aim to play particularly those songs not played enough by the original band. Ever since their inception the band has released a string of albums already with ‘Das jüngste Gericht’, being their fifth and newest one.

Kicking off isn’t exactly the right term to say how the album starts with ‘01’, an acoustic introduction that lulls you in then leaves and lets the following title track fairly kick your ass with a pounding punk rhythm and raucous vocals that indeed are reminiscent with the above mentioned band. Also looking at the situation in some parts of the world the lyrics are more current than ever. Personally ‘Das dreckige Dutzend’ reminds’ me of a bunch of drunken pirates having an orgiastic party on a sinking ship. Have a listen and you’ll understand. The next one ‘Holstenfetischisten’ is equally an ode to the alcohol and to a special brand of German beer in particular. A party hymn in punk fashion.

’13 Freunde’ is kind of a trip into the past on melodic waves of guitar and a galloping rhythm with a much more melodious kind of vocal delivery than before. ‘Malle schafft sie alle’ is a pun on the meaning Mallorca has for German people, that is, a single, big party with as much alcohol as you can possibly drink. This is the metallic counterpart to some of the German flat Schlager music usually played there. ‘13’ is closing up the album. It’s picking up the threat left off on the introduction building from an acoustic piece of fragile music to a rock monument, not unlike the way some Post Rock songs are being constructed.

‘Das jüngste Gericht’ surely is a collection of well-executed rock music in a classic, sometimes punky fashion. People who found pleasure in the mentioned BÖHSE ONKELZ will surely like this body of work. Others should have a listen first.


01. 01 - 1:07
02. das jüngste gericht - 4:12
03. das dreckige dutzend - 4:26
04. holstenfetischisten - 3:28
05. 13 freunde - 4:07
06. als obs der letzte wär - 3:23
07. K.T.S.C. - 4:34
08. malle schafft sie alle (kurze version) - 3:37
09. das lied vom leben - 3:18
10. wer hat, dem wird gegeben - 2:11
11. was für eine nacht - 3:35
12. wir sind ´ne Hamburger Band - 3:19
13. 13 - 3:53


Jörn Rüter
Robert „Goofy“ Wegner
Martin Christian
Karsten Kreppert


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Music: 6
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10

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