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peterheppner myheartofstone
Artist: Peter Heppner
Title: My Heart Of Stone
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 18th May 2012
Label: Polydor / Universal

Album Review

There it is! The long awaited second solo album from the most memorable voice in German music business - PETER HEPPNER. I haven’t written a review for quite a long time because of my academic studies. But it’s a matter near to my heart (of stone) to do this one. I can so hardly say words to describe this masterpiece that I even have to write them down. A perfect excuse to pause my academic preparations, isn’t it? I mentioned what I could say first to find a nice introduction for this review. But you know what? I want to start with a simple “wow” because that’s the fist word I took to mainly come back to breath. I want to continue with the fact that as the album reached track 6, ‘God Smoked’ (which I want to highlight at the same time), I already was fallen into it. I especially assumed to hear one of the best album ever. But this is at once the one thing which makes it very difficult to satisfy me for over the whole CD, because from then I expected something less satisfying - just because I know that the fewest albums can hold a certain level for the complete length. ‘My Heart of Stone’ hasn’t messed it up. Far from it!

After hearing the album completely, I want to summarize it with the following words: I adore it! The sound is fantastic. The tracks are fitting all together. The album creates a certain atmosphere which guides you to different moods. There is the well known melancholic thing which reaches over to hopefully and militant tracks. The profound lyrics were confirmed due to a fabulous sound selection. The considerate listener will notice elements of new wave as well as ambient, rock and electro; altogether a breathtaking variety of stylistic elements. Practically, every single song is good. You would even say the instrumentals are superb if you hear them in the context to the previous and the following track. I appreciate the quantity of tracks on this album as well. 15 tracks on one CD isn’t that normal as it yet was. I am rarely that euphoric but this album really got a reason for it. I want you to see this review as a recommendation. This is PETER HEPPNER as we want him to entertain us! By the way - I heard the album since I got it on yesterday almost 6 times. And I haven’t still got enough… good signal. And know I have to think about contacting him to get some promotional fees…


01. Prologue - Instrumental
02. Give Us What We Need (Truth Is Not The Key)
03. Meine Welt 
04. Deserve To Be Alone  (w/ Kim Sanders)
05. Pénombre Islandaise - Instrumental
06. God Smoked
07. Whenever I Miss You
08. D'antan - Instrumental
09.  I Won't Give Up
10. A Love Divine
11. Letter From Africa
12. Au Large - Instrumental
13. Noch nicht soweit
14. Cry Tonight
15. Épilogue
16. Alles Klar! - Lied für Wettkämpfe
17. Meine Welt - Kids Edit


Peter Heppner – vocals
Lothar Manteufel – keys
Dirk Riegener – keys

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peterheppner myheartofstone


Music: 10
Sound: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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