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introAurora Concert Hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia
27th April 2017
Peter Heppner & M.I.N.E

PETER HEPPNER, the maestro of melancholy from Germany, has played a show in Saint-Petersburg on April the 27th. Peter is the teacher for a lot of bands which play various styles and belong to different generations. The mood and the lyrics of his songs can be understood by the people in any age and in every country. This time, the Russian audience became such a great example of this insight.


At first on stage appeared M.I.N.E., the guest band from Berlin. M.I.N.E. is the new project of Marcus Meyn, the front man of renowned band CAMOUFLAGE. The music of the band sounded incredibly clear and it was so hard to believe the musicians played live music but not the phonogram, it performed so qualitatively. Aurora club became a big dance floor illuminated by random colours. Perfectly moving in time with the music, the charming front man infected Aurora with his optimism by giving a dancing example. His energy made all the people move, sing, and be themselves. M.I.N.E. performed inspirationally and jovially. Their amazing show was the best beginning for the hole synthetic-pop evening.


Peter Heppner

Peter came on stage quiet and calm, but the emergence of the musicians was like a bomb: Aurora burst into applause, the audience met Peter so loud and passionately. Romantic and a bit dramatic, the singer brought the listeners into the imaginary shady alleys where in the end of summer the cold wind blows. In the waves of beautiful sadness, it was possible to hear the questions and to find the answers. Peter and all who were on stage at the moment were an unified music being, played coherently. The evening’s program consisted of the Peter's songs from his own solo LPs and the material which was recorded in times he played in the band WOLFSHIEM and in duet with JOACHIM WITT. All the songs of Peter are permeated with common recognizable style: melancholic, but with the hope that all will turn better. Peter shared his emotions with the audience, his reflections and experience. The faces of the listeners became thoughtful, another moment it was happy. Everyone could find something about oneself in this music, everyone felt the same.


Everyone knows that strange feeling, when the song seems to be written about you, and the fact that Peter's lyrics consists of foreign texts did not matter. As we know, all of our sweetest hours fly fast, when the show came to the end, the listeners did not want to say goodbye to their favourite musicians. They asked them to go to encore again and again. Peter did it three times, so two things have no end: the love and the love of music.

01. I Won't Give Up
02. Alleinesein
03. Meine Welt
04. Vielleicht?
05. Being Me
06. Once In A Lifetime
07. Kuenstliche Welten
08. Deserve To Be Alone
09. God Smoked
10. Kein Zuruek
11. Give Us What We Need
12. The Sparrows & The Nightingales
13. Das Geht Vorbei...
14. Leben... I Feel You
15. Wir Sind Wir
16. Dream Of You
17. Die Flut


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All pictures by Anastasia Filippova

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