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mine unexpectedtruthwithin
Artist: M.I.N.E
Title: Unexpected Truth Within
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 25th May 2018
Label: Oblivion

Album Review

If you read the Names Meyn, Hinkel and Schmalbach you expect grounded and great Synth Pop and this is what get from ‘The Unexpected Truth’, the newest release from M.I.N.E even if the title tells different. First track is ‘The One’ and Marcus Meyn’s charismatic voice is directly in your ears. ‘Same But Different’ is up next and is also flawless Synth Pop track and with ‘MeOrMy’ come the beats I first missed. This song is a bit rougher which I prefer so this is the time to dance. Electronic beats paired with great voice. Synth Pop is allowed to have edges and corners, always! Number four is ‘Undone’. This starts also danceable and spherical like I love to hear it. ‘Things we’ve done’ is another great Electro Pop song with awesome vocals and perfect rhythm.

Song Number six, ‘Lean On’, shows us different facets of Marcus’s vocals and very grown-up Synth sound. A bit faster starts now ‘Wonder’ which shows me that M.I.N.E cannot and should not compare with CAMOUFLAGE because the sound is totally different to me. More powerful to be honest. ‘Dangerous’ starts with drums and a rough voice from Marcus and once more we hear what Synth Pop stands for. Next up is ‘White Trash’ with clearly electronic sounds and that track is my favourite… it would fit in radio stations very well and is critical of society which is good and what music is made for. ‘Reach Out’ lines up with the danceable, faster songs of the album and has an awesome chorus. I can formally see the video clip screening on TV. Now we have some lovely piano playing along with very warm vocals at ‘A World without a Smile’ and calming us down, dreaming a bit. Last Song is ‘Leave and Let Go’ which brings us some melancholy guitars and singing. Perfect closing-song for an album. A must-have for every Synth Pop lover!


01. The One
02. Same But Different
03. MeOrMy
04. Undone
05. Things We've Done
06. Lean On
07. Wonder
08. Dangerous
09. White Trash
10. Reach Out
11. A World Without A Smile
12. Leave And Let Go


Marcus Meyn (Camouflage)
Volker Hinkel (Fools Garden)
Jochen Schmalbach (Producer)

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mine unexpectedtruthwithin


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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