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ThinLizzy Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-101Batschkapp, Frankurt, Germany
10th July 2012
Thin Lizzy, Pussy Sisster

Yet another evening where "the boys" served hundreds of Rock fans with their classic rock songs. Even a workday Tuesday evening could not restrain THIN LIZZY-supporters in and around Frankfurt/main to come to the venue. Some of them even came a long way from all over the republic. And nobody had to regret it - the Irish rockers gave the full dose of Rock'n'Roll to everybody who joined them in the Batschkapp!

Pussy Sisster

Having started in L.A. as emigrants in Rock'n'Roll, PUSSY SISSTER now have released their fourth album. The band members are Alex Nad (vocals), Marc O. (guitar), Ray Crewl (guitar), Coma (bass) and Vital Roxx (drums). 

Music & Performance
PUSSY SISSTER started while the Batschkapp was still about to fill. So their "warm-up"-phase took a while. But obviously having enough stage experience for situations like that they more and more "activated" the crowd. They even included a ballad (‘Melody of Pin’) in their set - quite self-confident for an opening act. Ending their show with the up-speed rocker ‘Vampires of Death’ they got the more-than-polite applause they deserved.

PussySisster Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-2PussySisster Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-9PussySisster Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-16

01. Today
02. Hold us down
03. Angel Dust
04. In your Arms
05. Melody of Pain
06. Vampires of Death

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Lights: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

PussySisster Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-3PussySisster Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-6

Thin Lizzy

Being around for quite a while, THIN LIZZY are one of the busiest rock bands these days. Their set list contains many all-time-favorites like ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ keeping the memory of Phil Lynott alive. THIN LIZZY guarantees classic rock songs for concert visitors of all ages. On this tour Scott Gorham (lead guitar), his THIN LIZZY band mates Brian Downey on drums and keyboard player Darren Wharton are having their line-up completed by Damon Johnson (Ex Alice Cooper) on lead guitar, bass plays Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Ted Nugent) and Ricky Warwick (The Almighty)was  on vocals and plays guitar. / /

ThinLizzy Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-11ThinLizzy Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-12ThinLizzy Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-9

Music & Performance
About a year after our last report of their show in Aschaffenburg, THIN LIZZY came back for another club gig in the Rhine-Main-area. Very young girls in the front row were awaiting THIN LIZZY for autographs on their skin hours before the musicians entered the stage. Not quite usual for a band with some musicians being over sixty years of age. Ricky Warwick and the band caught the completely packed Batschkapp right from the start. It was the expected energized, loud, yet highly professional show and the crowd reacted enthusiastically. At the end of the regular set people even started crowd surfing for quite awhile. And I am sure after the encore everybody left the venue happy and bathed in sweat - this reminds me:  I had to miss one of my favorite THIN LIZZY songs ‘Cold Sweat’ again this time. So I guess I have to be at the next THIN LIZZY tour too.

ThinLizzy Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-4ThinLizzy Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-3

01. Are You Ready
02. Jailbreak
03. Don't Believe A Word
04. Killer on The Loose
05. Dancing In The Moonlight
06. Massacre
07. Angel Of Death
08. Still In Love with You
09. Whiskey In The Jar
10. Suicide
11. Waiting For An Alibi
12. Cowboy Song
13. Boys Are Back In Town
14. Rosalie
15. Black Rose

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Lights: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

ThinLizzy Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-21ThinLizzy Frankfurt Batschkapp 20120710-23

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All pictures by Hans-W. Rock

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