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Matrix, Bochum, Germany
16th July 2008
Thin Lizzy, Dezperadoz

The boys played in my town. Already last year in November, THIN LIZZY celebrated the 30th anniversary since the recording of ‘Live and Dangerous’ the classic live album with a UK tour and now they had reached Germany. THIN LIZZY - one of rock’s best live bands. They played now in a smaller hall than the last time, but this could just mean closer to the fans and to be one with the crowd. When the support band started there were just a few lonely souls in the Matrix and I was a bit afraid that just a few people showed up to see such heroes, but I was taught later of a better one.


Without any doubt Alex Kraft (a.o. guitarplayer and producer for SODOMS ‘Onkel Tom’ Angelripper, ex-JAIL-member and part of the AC/DC-coverband DIRTY DEEDS) is an artist who understands music as an adventure and with whom music can become an adventure. For several years something has been going on in him already. His vision is now given the wonderful name DEZPERADOZ and leads Heavy Metal into the Wild West. On to characters such as Wyatt Earp, who got dedicated the concept album ‘The Legend And The Truth’. Heavy rocking guitars, a charming Western-flair, grooving Metal-melodies and a huge atmosphere make a spectacular showdown out of this album. A showdown that not only tells about something big, but that also is meant to be something big. ‘Cradle of The Legend And The Truth’ is the southwest of Germany, where DEZPERADOZ-Sheriff Alex Kraft and the studio are placed. His fellows are Alex Weigand (Dead Anyway, Dirty Deeds) and Markus Kullmann. Dennis Ward (a.o. Pink Cream 69) and Thomas Lichtenwalter as producers. So take a Yeehaaw and a Yippieyeeah!!! /

Music & Performance
The guys had a real bad and hard start. The venue was still empty and I guess also many people prefered drinking while waiting for the Lizzies. The music was great rock music with a Western flair and they also tried to look like cowboys. With cowboy hats, waistcoat and sheriff's star. Alex said they decided to do this direction, because in their opinion the rock music scence needed something fresh and new ideas. But they didn‘t get the reaction of the audience every band is hoping to get. Alex Kraft wanted to try a few images of a rockstar like screaming and shouting, but it was more embarrassing than successful. You may think they just wanted to be funny, but with the song ‘Ok Corral’ they proved a serious theme. The song is about the situation, when something happens to someone else near you, but you just pretend you don‘t see it and you don‘t help. During the performance they took every possibility to let the audience know, that they have released three CDs so far, which you could buy at the merchandise stand as well as t-shirts. But hey - advertisement is not that entertaining at all.

Also a good friend of  the DEZPERADOZ came up on stage - Tom from ONKEL TOM ANGELRIPPER - who was not only singing with them as well shooting with his gun. At the end of the set they wanted to sing with the crowd ‘Ghostriders’. A little challenge between men and women to sing the lines : “Yippie aye-aaa, yippie aye-ooh. Ghost riders in the sky.” Which wasn‘t fair at all, because there weren’t even half of the women than men in the venue.

01. Intro / As A Judgement
02. Days Of Thunder
03. Ok Corral
04. Riders On The Storm
05. Wild Bunch
06. Rawhide
07. Deadman Walking
08. March To Destiny
09. Rattlesnake Shake
10. Gomorrah
11. Ghostriders

Music: 8
Lights: 8
Sound: 8
Performance: 7
Total: 7.8

Thin Lizzy

This band needs no indroduction. But some words must be said. THIN LIZZY are an Irish hard rock band who formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1969. The band was originally led by bassist, songwriter and singer Phil Lynott. They are best known for their songs ‘Whiskey in the Jar’, ‘Jailbreak’, ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ and ‘Bad Reputation’, all major international hits still played regularly on hard rock and classic rock radio stations or heavy metal. History has but two ways to define a band: Through their body of work, or via the legacy they leave. The legendary THIN LIZZY are distinguished on both accounts. Phil Lynott died on January 4, 1986 due to heart failure, kidney failure and heroin addiction. Later John Sykes decided to try and re-assemble THIN LIZZY, presenting the band as a tribute to Phil Lynott's life and work. He decided to take on the role of lead vocals himself in the absence of Lynott. There are however, no plans for a new album though the band continues to tour. The current line up is John Sykes (Vocals, Guitar), Scott Gorham (Guitar), Tommy Aldridge (Drums) and Francesco DiCosmo (Bass).

Music & Performance:
It was my first THIN LIZZY concert - better late than never - and one difference to some other concerts these days was that you didn’t feel old with 35 years. Although there were a few young fans, most people in the crowd were over 35. And you could feel everyone was ready to welcome their idols. They had a real warm welcome in Bochum. Starting the set with the one and only ‘Jailbreak’. People were banging, jumping, shouting “LIZZY, LIZZY, LIZZY”. One great song was followed by another ‘Don’t believe a word’ or ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’. The first time to take a little break was the wonderful ‘Still in love with you’ with such great guitar solos by John and Scott, that it seemed they were so proud how good it was that they were shaking hands. Maybe they do it every time, but for someone like me I just could watch John’s and Scott’s solos with an open mouth.

You can see that they are playing for ages, so professional and still with passion. It’s only fascinating to watch them and hear them play. John mentioned that every tone, every melody they play is dedicated to Phil Lynott. After ‘Sha La La’ it was time for the drum solo. Well I have never seen something like this before. Tommy played his solo, but when he has finished his first part he threw his sticks into the audience to keep on playing only with his hands. But he was playing like the devil himself and drove the crowd crazy. By now I know he is famous for this for many years, but to see this for the first time you can do nothing but be astonished. To cut a long story short: Thirty years later, and more than 20 years after Lynott's untimely death, it makes perfect sense that the THIN LIZZY legacy lives on via the band's live performances. THIN LIZZY are still live and dangerous!

01. Jailbreak
02. Alibi
03. Don't Believe A Word
04. Are You Ready
05. Dancing In The Moonlight
06. Massacre
07. Still In Love with You
08. Southbound
09. Sha La La
10. Drumsolo
11. Rosalie
12. Emerald
13. Suicide
14. Cowboy Song
15. Boys Are Back In Town
16. Cold Sweat
17. Black Rose

Music: 10
Lights: 8
Sound: 8
Performance: 10
Total: 9

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /


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