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thormesis vonleereundtod
Artist: Thormesis
Title: Von Leere und Tod
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Release Date: 15th June 2012
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

THORMESIS were founded in 2006 and hail from southern Germany. Their debut record ‘Gehet und Kämpfet’ (Go and Fight) was self-released in 2008, it was followed by their label debut ‘Vergangene Asche’ (2010) and after numerous live shows, the band recently put out their third work ‘Von Leere und Tod’ (Of Emptiness And Death). After an instrumental intro with acoustic guitars and a march-like rhythm, the opener ‘Sterbend Herz’ kicks off with forceful riffs and a high-pitched scream. The song varies between harshness, presented by the screamed vocals, and more melodic music with deep, clean-sung parts. In general, this sums up the characteristics of THORMESIS pretty well.

Although the songs are mostly around seven minutes long, or even longer, they are easy to indulge and not very complex. ‘In den Nächten der Widerkehr’ incorporates tempo changes from slow to fast and is mostly dominated by the riffs and not the singing. Influences from Black Metal may be distantly perceived, but the overall atmosphere is a bit mysterious and Pagan-orientated. Track 5, ‘Des Wolfes Letzter Gang’ is probably the heaviest of the album – the beginning is defined by a very evil riff, yet the typical melodies and catchiness are not lost either. The last song ‘Lebensgang’ is a cover version by Grabfeld. Actually, it is best to listen to the album as a whole and indulge the interesting harmonies and two-voiced vocals. Fans of Pagan Metal will surely find their liking in THORMESIS, yet, their music lacks a bit innovativeness.


1. Intro (Instrumental)
2. Sterbend Herz
3. In Den Nächten Der Widerkehr
4. Türme Des Schattens
5. Des Wolfes Letzter Gang
6. Vom Leben gezeichnet
7. Von Leere und Tod
8. Lebensgang (Grabfeld Coverversion)


Travos - Vocals, Guitar
Velsir - Guitar
Berucas - Bass
Keltor - Drums, Vocals


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thormesis vonleereundtod


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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