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sensorygate civisolation
Artist: Sensory Gate
Title: Civisolation
Genre: Electronic / Acoustic
Release Date: 18th April 2014
Label: Mhz Records

Album Review

Formerly known for doing remix work for other artists, SENSORY GATE stepped out of the shadows in 2009 releasing their debut album 'Ianus' to critical acclaim with a few, rare live appearances following in its wake. That's it, dead silence for the public. Behind the scenes, ideas were tossed and turned, moulded and shaped for a sophomore release. As they, say, good things come to those who wait, and so it should turn 2014 before 'Civisolation' hits the market. A word that melds turmoil and apathy in reads on the cover and as its sinister nature suggests, the music hidden on the inside has undergone changes. Take for instance the cinematic opening 'Among The Dead', an erratic swirl of vibrant percussion; splinters of rage flying around and hanging in the air is justice from the grave. 'Domino Effect' sets a slightly harsher tone, drawing influences off of the classic EBM genre, combining it with endless elegy and growing disbelief about the everyday horror in our little world of peace.

While I'm mentioning peace, it is what comes to mind for a brief moment when the 'City Diary' is being opened with textures reaching out to you, embracing you even while a nameless guy observes the world around him growing colder and more distant by the second. The sound of it being significantly divergent to what we've heard thus far, building from a fragile base of acoustic orchestration, underscoring its mellow core. 'Slash' is giving you  the full precision of the machine. In a deliberately colder fashion, the do plays with electronics and in-between finds time to do a little excursion into Dubstep. Remember the mood you felt watching ‘Blade Runner’ back in the day? Well, hold on to that; it's helping on the forthcoming title track of the album that is at once futuristic and bleak about one individual amongst millions and yet feeling alone, desperate, seeking a way out of this symptom of modern society. It is a very visual piece, both lyrically and musically, haunting once you've started listening.

'Out Of Control' particularly stands out as it feels lighter, sort of brighter than the rest and has an inherent pop appeal that lets you nod your head to it instantly. As surprising as it started, it ends. 'Kyrie (Prayer For The Lost)' comes with a vocal contribution by John van Loon of DARK TERRITORY and GUFLUX. I still didn't give up hoping that one day we'll see the still unreleased out for the world to hear some day, Focusing on the task at hand, John's vocals are as strong and spine-tingling as they ever were. Loving how it contrasts with Max' more raucous vocals in the chorus. The track order proves well-considered in delivering a memorable experience from start to finish. On a personal note: I'm more than satisfied with what the guys created with the new album and hope more people will come to see that as well. A little more attention doesn't hurt nobody.


01. Among the Dead
02. Domino Effect
03. City Diary
04. Mercy
05. Slash
06. Truth & Illusion
07. Civisolation
08. Never
09. Out of Control
10. Invictus
11. Kyrie (Prayer for the Lost)


Max Iannuzelli
Andrea Pozzi


Cover Picture

sensorygate civisolation


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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