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solinvictus onceuponatime
Artist: Sol Invictus
Title: Once Upon a Time
Genre: Neofolk
Release Date: 26th September 2014
Label: Prophecy Records

Album Review

Tony Wakeford is maybe called the godfather of Neofolk. A controversial and cynical character, once member of the also controversial DEATH IN JUNE. Looking back in over 27 years of band history, Mister Wakeford is releasing his 18th album of SOL INVICTUS with ‘Once upon a time’. The record contains fifteen tracks featuring the pre-album track ‘Mr. Cruel’. Fulfilling all known trademarks of SOL INVICTUS, Wakeford is adding lots of 70s prog, psychedelic and jazz elements, sometimes reminding me to the weird sounds of COMUS. The music is creating a very dark and cynical atmosphere, absolutely not easy-listening, but in the right mood it will be a perfect soundtrack too sink into it. ‘Once upon a time’ is a record to listen to and not to move to it. A heavy stud for people of pop music and a gift to the ones who enjoy the uncomfortable and weird. Not the record you should listen to when you are not familiar to this kind of music, but when you like SOL INVICTUS, DEATH IN JUNE (maybe) or weird 70s stuff like COMUS, then there is no reason not to check up these piece of cynical thoughts and strange harmonies.


01. MDCLXVI-The Devil`s year
02. The Devil on Tuesday
03. Once upon a time
04. 13 Mercies
05. The path less travelled
06. Mr. Cruel
07. The Devil
08. The Devil`s year
09. 13 Coils
10. Our Father
11. The Villa
12. War
13. Austin
14. Osman
15. Spare


Guitar, Vocals - Tony Wakeford
Bass - Caroline Jago
Percussion - Lesley Malone
Guitar, Vocals - Clive Giblin
Flute, Violin - Eilisch McCracken
Violin - Renee Rosen

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solinvictus onceuponatime


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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