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Artist: Sol Invictus
Title: The Cruellest Month
Genre: Apocalyptic Folk
Release Date: 10th June 2011
Label: Auerbach/ Prophecy Productions

Album Review

SOL INVICTUS arise once more, after having stayed silent for six years. Okay, five years if one counts the three band split CD ‘A Mythological Prospect Of The Citie Of Londinium’, but nonetheless it has been 6 years since the band's last regular release, ‘The Devil's Steed’. SOL INVICTUS’ newest album, ‘The Cruellest Month’, offers everything typical of SOL INVICTUS, from cynical lyrics to instrumentation. Song-writing is top notch as always, however the production values somehow appear to have stayed stagnant and are not up to date. ‘The Cruellest Month’ may sound rather shrill to sensitive ears due to its thin and trebly, mid-rich and unbalanced sound lacking low-end oomph. As such, ‘The Cruellest Month’ shares more with ‘In A Garden Green’ than with, say, ‘The Death Of The West’. Nonetheless, this is the only point of criticism. SOL INVICTUS’ newest offering delivers what the band is known for and on a very, very high level in its specific genre. Tony Wakeford & co. certainly show their epigones and imitators how the bloody hell its supposed to be done. Fans of apocalyptic folk and SOL INVICTUS can buy this album without pre-listening. Spend money on the original, spare yourself and your wallet from the umpteenth, inept clone and go to the pub instead.


01. Raining In April
02. To Kill All Kings
03. The Sailor's Aria
04. Fools' Ship
05. Toys
06. Edward
07. The Bad Luck Bird
08. April Rain
09. Cruel Lincoln
10. Something's Coming
11. Stella Maris
12. The Cruellest Month
13. The Blackleg Miner


Tony Wakeford – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

Guest Musicians:
Violin - Renée Rosen
Vocals - Andrew King
Bass - Caroline Jago
Percussion - Lesley Malone
Percussion, Dulcimer, Synthesizer - Reeve “M” Malka
Flute - Guy Harries
Violin - Eilish McCraken

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Music: 10
Sound: 7
Total: 8.5 / 10

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