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sölicitor spectraldevastation
Artist: Sölicitör
Title: Spectral Devastation
Genre: Speed Metal
Release Date: 24th April 2020
Label: Gates of Hell Records

Album Review

Tonight on this channel from Seattle, Washington: SÖLICITÖR! Just last year I reviewed the band’s EP and now they are back with a vengeance. Fronted by Amy Lee Carlson this is a force to be reckoned with (like Amy herself). SÖLICITÖR was formed in 2018 after Amy’s former band SUBSTRATUM decided to call it quits. let’s check parts of the nice press text:

“Breakneck, uncompromising speed metal from the Pacific Northwest! On their first studio album, ‘Spectral Devastation’, SÖLICITÖR takes a no-holds-barred approach to create several future speed metal anthems! ‘The future is fast. Keep it nasty, keep it mean.’ - Such are the words from SÖLICITÖR frontwoman Amy Lee Carlson, encapsulating the fireball that is their first full-length studio album, ‘Spectral Devastation’. Since their 2018 formation, the Seattle-based band has been honing their Speed / Thrash hybrid to be dynamic and unpredictable. As such, their take-no-prisoners, almost ruthless approach pays dividends across ‘Spectral Devastation’, an album that builds upon their well-received debut EP 2019 and casts them as one of America’s most exciting new speedsters.”

Well yes, this is really fucking fast and rough but it is also nicely produced sound-wise. Sometimes you get a wall of sound but the sound is very crisp and differentiated. Amy is a force of nature, rough around the edges she shouts and screams through the compositions like a banshee (here and there I still get reminded of Blackie Lawless). ‘Blood Revelations’ is a fierce opener that right from the start blows heads off left and right, fast catchy and nasty and full of brutal riffs by Vogan and Fry. Cleary-Erickson and Waymire play like a rabid clockwork and lead the way as the rest of the band and foremost Amy Lee follow them and destroy everything in their path. If you people out there dig Speed Metal like EXCITER, LIEGE LORD and HELLION you are in for a treat and should pre-order ‘Spectral Devastation’ over here:


01. Blood Revelations
02. Betrayer
03. The Red Queen
04. Leathür Streets
05. Night Vision
06. Terminal Force
07. Spectres Of War
08. Grip Of The Fist


Amy Lee Carlson – Vocals
Matthew Vogan – Guitar
Patrick Fry – Guitar
Damon Cleary-Erickson – Bass
Johann Waymire – Drums


Cover Picture

solicitor spectraldevastation


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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