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saintsanger dangermetal
Artist: Saint’s Anger
Title: Danger Metal (remastered)
Genre: Heavy Rock / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 8th May 2020
Label: Golden Core

Album Review

It’s after dark again and again I have nothing better to do than listening to old-school heavy stuff and try to write something beautiful. Tonight, I offer you: SAINT’S ANGER! This band was formed in Germany in 1981, they became known in the orbit of TRANCE and even got a contract the management / label Trance - Music. Later on, at Aardshock Festival, they sold lots of cassettes and merchandise which impressed the boss of Mausoleum records who, after visiting the band in their rehearsal room, got them signed for his label. In 1985 they released their only LP ‘Danger Metal’, this is a review of the 2020 Remaster by Neudi (Golden Core, Deaf Forever, Breakout Magazine, Drums in TRANCE, MANILLA ROAD, JAMESON RAID etc).

Knowhow-wise I got caught with my pants down with this one (never heard of this band) but that’s partly because of the curse of the born-to-late generation. SAINT’S ANGER is clearly pretty old-school and vocals-wise there is a certain Speed Metal feel to it (not because of the tempo, because of the raw and high pitched screaming every here and there) Piller’s voice sometimes reminds me a bit of the never conceived love-child of Lawless and Bach (that certain kind of sound when singing in the low centre or his higher tones).this makes the sound a bit punk like sometimes but in a bold and somewhat cocky way. Instrumentally this is solid as a (Heavy) Rock, talent on string and drum duty which help narrate the whole thing in a groovy NWOBHM kind a way. I learned something tonight, join me and check out SAINT’S ANGER!


01. The Bullet
02. Wrong Or Right
03. Danger Metal
04. Highway
05. The Ghost’s Tale
06. Liberation
07. Crashing On Steel
08. Hero
09. Megalomania
10. Too Late (Bonus)
11. On the Road
12. Crystal Eyes
13. Exorcise (Bonus)
14. Highway (Demo)
15. Rock In The City (Demo)
16. It’s Not Reality (Demo)
17. Force Of Steel (Demo)

CD2: Official Bootleg
01. The Ghost’s Tale (Live)
02. Highway
03. Hero
04. Tonight We Rock
05. Wrong Or Right (Live Edit)
06. Exposured (Live 1985)
07. Heavy Metal Is Allright (Live 1985)
08. Intro (Live 1985)
09. It’s Not Reality (Live 1985)
10. Megalomania (Live 1985)
11. The Ides Of March (Live Trio)
12. Drunk In Death (Live Trio)
13. Gallow Is Waiting (Live Trio)
14. Look Out (Live Trio)
15. Hero (Live Trio)


Joachim Walter – Bass
Harald Reiter – Drums
Jürgen Knief – Guitars
Harald Piller – Vocals, Guitars


Cover Picture

saintsanger dangermetal


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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