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poisonasp beyondthewallsofsleep
Artist: Poison Asp
Title: Beyond the Walls of Sleep - The Complete Work
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 21st February 2020
Label: Golden Core

Album Review

Nightfall in Duisburg, the world is ridden by the pandemic and America is on the brink of a civil war, the perfect moment in time to review old-school Teutonic Thrash Metal! Tonight, it is POISON ASP from Speyer, Rhineland-Palatinate. Formed in 1984 on the verge of Thrash Metal to conquer the world, POISON ASP released their demo in 1987. A great year for Thrash Metal as it saw the release of: TESTAMENT’s ‘Legacy’, HEATHEN’s ‘Breaking the Silence’ and TANKARD’s ‘Chemical Invasion’ among other big releases from various bands. Normally they should have had their big breakthrough because thrash bands from Germany were in great demand but sadly it worked out different.

The band were signed by TRC (The Record Company) but TRC was history after only three releases and the self-release of ‘Beyond the Walls of Sleep’ was made difficult because the B-side of the master was missing. POISON ASP disbanded while the record was still in the pressing plant. Years later thanks to the internet, POISON ASP had become almost famous and the old material was still in Thumer’s house who returned from New Zealand, this was the chance to finally release all that stuff on CD. The CD includes a 24-page strong booklet with interviews, liner notes, photos and memorabilia (not to forget a Bootleg-live-bonus track). Aside from the Ultimate editions of the MANILLA ROAD back catalogue ‘Beyond the Walls of Sleep - The Complete Work’ is the most expensive and elaborate production Golden Core did yet.

Sound-wise this is quite rough but not due to the mixing and restoration, no POISON ASP were quite the rough bunch when it came to Heavy Metal. The songs are mostly mid-tempo, the guitar sound rips (style-wise not for fans of Malmsteen, the sound is rather blunt in comparison but effective). The drums are a bit too far in the background here and there but I blame the original recording for that, the bass is heard here and there as it not bluntly mirrors the guitar melodies. All in all, this is a rough old-school Thrash band that still manages to kick ass with their work from the late 80s and I kinda like the vocals because they are authentic as fuck. So, if you are into 80s Thrash / Speed that does not fuck around with too much finesse or melody you are in for a nice ride.


01. Beijing
02. Hellfire at the Airbase
03. Euthanasia
04. Beyond the Walls of Sleep
05. I Am the Grass
06. Traitor
07. Listen to the Voices from the Vault
08. World of Nightmare
09. Useless People
10. The Hard Side of Jazz (Instrumental)
11. Internal Hell
12. Rat Race
13. In Lebanon
14. Torture and Pain
15. My Private Nightmare
16. Torture and Pain (live 1987)


Robby – Bass
Crisse – Drum
Michel – Guitars
Tosse Basler – Vocals, Guitar

Ex Members
Michael – Bass
Andy – Vocals


Cover Picture

poisonasp beyondthewallsofsleep


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10


Dennis Eikenkötter

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