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typeonegative deadagain rerelease
Artist: Type O Negative
Title: Dead Again
Genre: Metal
Release Date: 25th November 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Review

2022 marks the 15th anniversary of TYPE O NEGATIVE’s last studio album ‘Dead Again’. The album hasn’t been available in physical form for years and could not be found on streaming platforms before. Nuclear Blast performed a miracle and re-released the album in physical form (CD, MC and vinyl) and put it out on the major streaming platforms. Nuclear Blast’s re-release does not only contain the albums 10 original track, it comes with a bonus CD with a bunch of live recordings, a few from the band’s appearance at Wacken festival among them.

Back in time, the album got controversial reviews from the critics and fans did not rush and buy the album. Unfortunately, one line of the lyrics of the title track became true… “I’m fucking dead again” Peter Steele sang in his unique voice, three years before he passed. Over the years some of the tracks became, what people call “classics” and it became hard to get your hands on a physical copy of the album.

The re-release as such, is a nice thing, but the real gems are hidden on the bonus CD. These live tracks with two different live recordings of ‘Love You To Death’ among them, remind you, of how versatile the bands live gigs could be, depending on the bands and the audience’s moods. Those who didn’t get the chance to see the band live on stage will get a glimpse of how the band sounded live. The selection of good quality recordings of the band’s classics like ‘Christian Woman’ or ‘Black No.1’ is a good one and some DJ’s might be tempted to bring them on the Gothic dancefloor, for no Goth party goes without TYPE O.

If you already own the original release, the re-release is not a must, but you might want to own the bonus-edition. High quality live recordings of the bands live gigs are hard to find.


01. Dead Again
02. Tripping A Blind Man
03. The Profit Of Doom
04. September Sun
05. Halloween In Heaven
06. These Three Things
07. She Burned Me Down
08. Some Stupid Tomorrow
09. An Ode to Locksmiths
10. Hail And Farewell To Britain

Bonus Tracks
11. Everything Dies (live)
12. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend (live)
13. Are You Afraid - Gravitational Constant (live)
14. Black Sabbath (intro) Christian Woman (live)
15. Love You To Death (live)
16. Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare All) (live)
17. Anesthesia (live at Wacken Open Air 2007)
18. Christian Woman (live at Wacken Open Air 2007)
19. Love You To Death (live at Wacken Open Air 2007)
20. Kill You Tonight (live at Wacken Open Air 2007)


Peter Steele – vocals, bass
Kenny Hickey – guitar
Josh Silver – keyboard
Johnny Kelly – drums


Cover Picture

typeonegative deadagain rerelease


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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