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Title: Liber Lux
Artist: Thanateros
Genre: Celtic/Gothic/Metal
Release Date: 3rd April 2009
Label: New Crusade Records

Album Review

The starting point of THANATEROS began in 1999 and Ben Richter decided to bring his musical talents into the light and expose to the world his creative ways and thus brought forth ‘The First Rate’ (2001) and THANATEROS had become a reality and real life band ready to rock and ready to roll its way into the music industry and the world beyond. Once ‘Circle of Life’ (2003) and countless amounts of touring had stricken the band year round long THANATEROS knew they had the music in the palm of their hands and didn't want that spark to give out so easily. Which brings us to ‘Liber Lux’ their fourth instalment a major step forward from their third attempt ‘Into the Otherworld’. This fourth development is by far the band's most complex and experimental album to date.

The band has come together with new musicians and a new album to dust themselves off with easily and this collection of tunes is sure to please about anyone who gives it a listen in on. Mixing together a Celtic styling along with Goth and metal blends the music together out-standing well and showcases the band's creative talents even further than their previous works ever did. Each tune being well played through each guitar and drum solo is easily crafted in going off into its own melody with smooth clean vocals that ride atop the music playing softly through. THANATEROS ‘Liber Lux’ is a thrill ride of an adventure and shows the band at their highest peak yet and this album is surely to not be a disappointment but an enjoyment from the very beginning to the very end.


01. Prologue (Book of Light I)
02. Illumination
03. Cairn (A Dying Age)
04. No More Pain
05. Asatoma (Fragment 2008)
06. Emain Ablach
07. All Those Years
08. Morrigan
09. Ardour Of Will
10. Fear a Bhata
11. Vanity
12. A New Kaos Rising
13. Epilogue (Book Of Light II)


Ben Richter: Vocals
Max Raith: Guitars
Tobias Herzfeld: Fiddle
Pit "The Cyberpiper" Vinandy: Digi-Pipes & Whistles
Daniel Lechner: Bass

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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