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Title: Everest
Artist: Shakra
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Release Date: 17th April 2009
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

With the releases of their first attempts ‘Shakra’ (1998) and ‘Moving Force’ (1999) and touring with GREAT WHITE and URIAH HEEP the early span of SHAKRA was doing quite well. But their breakthrough period didn't invade until ‘Power Ride’ (2001) which brought a tragedy to lead singer Peter Wiedmer who was forced to leave because of illness, who was soon replaced with Mark Fox who immediately filled his shoes and put his name in the invisible space. From then on SHAKRA has never been the same but become much better with their latest instalment ‘Everest’, an easy to handle rock and roll ride with a dash of heavy metal mix-ups in between. The tempo brought on showcases the music's creativeness the band can present especially on such tracks as ‘Love & Pain’, ‘Right between the Eyes’ and ‘Insanity’, each of which shows their own style and uniqueness to the music.

The guitars for instance play a non-stop riff on ‘Love & Pain’, which easily breaks away with a solo that fades off into a drumming tactic that blends in with the vocal sides of Mark's capturing talents and skills. When it comes to ‘Right between the Eyes’, you get socked right in between the eyes with the roaring riffing action of the guitars which goes hand in hand with the drumming beats and smoothing vocals as the song crafts together building up slowly as each note is built little by little; giving this tone that real raw but heavy rock and roll side and feel. ‘Insanity’ starts off rather slowly then goes into a fast racing tempo beat that speeds up as the song progresses the guitars going into a non-stop soloing riff action as the vocals come in soon after breaking away letting the drums take over in their own creative solo going right back into the guitar action. SHAKRA's ‘Everest’ is a crafted piece of work and shall please the rock and roller buried deep inside of you.


01. Ashes to Ashes
02. Love & Pain
03. Let Me Lie My Life to You
04. The Illusion of Reality
05. Why
06. The Journey
07. Regressive Evolution
08. Anybody Out There
09. Right between the Eyes
10. Dirty Money
11. Insanity
12. Hopeless


Roger Tanner - drums
Thom Blunier - guitar
Thomas Muster - guitar
Mark Fox - vocals
Dominik Pfister – bass

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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