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Artist: Shakra
Title: Back on Track
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 25th February 2011
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

The 8th album of Swiss formation SHAKRA turned to be expectedly pleasant: on it you can find all classic, it must be said, favourite hard rock elements. The lean guitar sound of the assertive, vigorous tracks adroitly alternates with the melancholic acoustic melodies of the ballads, the amount of which is quite sufficient. The sharp vocals smoothly flow into lyric singing, anguished and full of eternal sorrow. The whole album is made so perfectly that after the very first even cursory listening there arouse associations with an efficient time-proved and still powerful machine. Immediately you may appreciate the skill of the musicians, their teamwork and mutual understanding as well as their professionalism. Thanks to the blending of traditional hard rock features listeners will enjoy such wonderful, light music which will splendidly do for a soundtrack of the forthcoming spring. The title itself sounds like an impulse of the new life, a decisive step, an encouraging smile and confidence.

The album opens with crushing ‘B True B You’, the rich riff of which makes the song an absolute hit. The title track shows all the beauty of John’s vocals, while ‘Crazy’ attracts with its catchy chorus. All in all ‘Back on Track’ is meant for a diverse audience. Fans of hard rock of 70s and 80s will be pleasantly surprised that the music of their youth is still alive and kicking and will continue to inspire new generations to develop good, old hard rock adding something fresh and original into it. Young music lovers will like such freshness and the new interpretation of the chapter in rock history which seemingly sank into oblivion. So almost everyone will appreciate the album as it’s like music bringing hopes for the future.


01. B True B You – 3:55
02. I’ll Be – 3:35
03. Crazy – 3:42
04. Back on Track – 3:30
05. When I See You – 3:59
06. MMTWGR – 3:34
07. Yesterday’s Gone – 5:00
08. Someday – 4:05
09. Lonesomeness – 3:37
10. Unspoken Truth – 4:44
11. Brand New Day – 3:53
12. Stronger Than Ever – 4:29


John Prakesh – Vocals
Thom Blunier – Guitar
Thomas Muster – Guitar
Dominik Pfister – Bass
Roger Tanner – Drums

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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