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Artist: Schandmaul
Title: Traumtänzer
Genre: Folk Rock / Rock
Release Date: 28th January 2010
Label: F.A.M.E. Records

Album Review

“Maybe you’ll recognize the peace of mind and the serenity we worked with on this release. Maybe you’ll listen, that the songs are not given birth on the hoof, between two concerts. Maybe you’ll catch the time and love, we invested by creating this record. But what you’ll definitely hear is the fun we had while writing, composing and recording these new songs. You’ll get the airiness and the ease, ‘Traumtänzer’ radiates. Just sink into the music, into the album - and inhale it! If your life is just a little bit more colourful afterwards, work is done…” -SCHANDMAUL-

18 month of abstinence in order to recover and to boost their creativity… and now they’re back! After touring with their last more or less average release ‘Anderswelt’, the band decided to pause in 2010 and relieve from all the stress over the years. With ‘Träumtänzer’, SCHANDMAUL now released their newest record - 14 tracks filled with stories and fairytales, 14 tracks full of new musical ideas and 14 tracks still simply SCHANDMAUL!

Once you’ve listen to the songs, you’ll ask: “What’s new?” Somehow nothing really changed - but it’s the fact, that these guys and gals regained their playfulness and sheer enthusiasm. New influences interweave with good old and functional aspects of what SCHANDMAUL stands for. Whether it’s the “Spanish” ‘Bis zum Morgengrauen’, the beautiful ballad ‘Die Rosen’, the “typical” SCHANDMAUL-sailor theme “Auf hoher See” or the “slawistic” “Pakt” – although there are no compositional surprises, there are new threads shimmering right through the woven structures, that presumable might reveal it’s strength by several listening.

No doubt at all, that most of the songs will cause a great performance live on stage… and to be honest, that really is the metier of SCHANDMAUL! I really can’t wait to hear the new material on stage and to experience the atmosphere and imaginations the songs will evoke. With ‘Geas Traum’, the release also contains a collaboration between SCHANDMAUL and Germany’s most famous author of the fantasy genre: Wolfgang Hohlbein. The song refers to his novel ‘Infinity - Der Turm’ and probably will be the first single to be released from the album - the video can be found at SCHANDMAUL’s homepage…

All in all, ‘Traumtänzer’ is a solid release and contains everything a fan of SCHANDMAUL awaits. It’s the perfect proof, that they’re back just like in the olden days with even more power and freshness. From the bottom of my heart I’m looking forward to the concerts…


01. Traumtänzer
02. Der Alchemist
03. Auf hoher See
04. Hexeneinmaleins
05. Bis zum Morgengrauen
06. Die Rosen
07. Schwur
08. Pakt
09. Der Anker
10. Geas Traum
11. Assassine
12. Halt mich
13. Des Dichters Segen
14. Mein Lied


Matthias "Hiasl" Richter – Bass
Thomas Lindner – Vocals
Martin "Ducky" Duckstein, Thomas Lindner – Guitar
Stefan Brunner – Drums
Brigit Muggenthaler-Schmack – Flutes, Bagpipe, Shawm
Anna Katharina Kränzlein – Violin, Viola, Hurdy Gurdy

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Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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