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schandmaul soweitsogut
Artist: Schandmaul
Title: So weit, so gut - 15 Jahre Folk´n´Roll
Genre: Folk Rock / Medieval Rock
Release Date: 30th August 2013
Label: F.A.M.E Artist Recordings / Sony

Album Review

SCHANDMAUL is existing for 15 years now. Time for a big celebration. For the jubilee, there will be a two day lasting event on 30th and 31st August in Cologne with many special guests. Besides that, it was really tome for a best-of album, to be released on 30th August. The album has much more to offer than the usual best-of releases since it also contains new songs. The standard edition contains three new, yet unreleased songs and twelve classics in new recordings. The extended edition as double CD contains of course the standard edition plus a bonus CD with seventeen more original songs. Exclusively at Amazon, there is even a deluxe edition available with additional t-short and non-permanent tattoo. But this best-of release has even more to offer. The booklet contains many photos from 15 years band history plus personal comments of the band members. That’s the hard technical facts.

The album starts right away with one of the new songs, the instrumental ‘Folk'n'Roll‘, being kind of headline for SCHANDMAUL and the album. Following you’ll find of course, since this is a best-of album, some of the band’s biggest hits, like ‘Herren der Winde’, ‘Walpurgisnacht’, ‘Teufelsweib’ or ‘Der Letzte Tanz’. With the re-recordings and new arrangements, the songs sound even more vivid than the originals. And even though the original songs were recording over a long time, on this album they sound as if they belong together, like recorded for one album. ‘Herz aus Gold’ is another new song, telling a story about a lonely girl who just cannot find Mr. Right. It is not really a ballad, but a calmer Rock song with catchy refrain and a good story, just typical SCHANDMAUL. Third new song, ‘Orientexpress‘, is introduced by a bagpipe intro and convinces with oriental sounds. All in all, this is a really good best-of release since it is not just a compilation of songs, but newly arranged favourites.

Tracklist (Standard Edition)

01. Folk'n'Roll
02. Herren der Winde
03. Sigfrid Trilogie
04. Geisterstunde
05. Herz aus Gold
06. Teufelsweib
07. Orientexpress
08. Die goldene Kette
09. Der Clown
10. Vogelfrei
11. Trinklied
12. Walpurgisnacht
13. Der letzte Tanz
14. Dein Anblick
15. Willst du


Thomas Lindner, Stefan Brunner, Martin Duckstein, Anna Kränzlein, Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack, Mathias Richter

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schandmaul soweitsogut


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: Extended and Deluxe Edition
Total: 8 / 10

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